Personalised vegan meal plan in Leeds & Sheffield

This news slid into my inbox a few days ago and I didn’t pay a lot of attention. I get a ridiculous amount of emails and press releases every day, so much in fact I find it difficult to really soak in the content of everything I see.

But for some reason I went back to this email for a closer look and I’m sure glad I did because now I can share news with you of this unique vegan meal plan service offered in both Leeds and Sheffield!

Nourish is a company with two outlets, one in Bond Street Leeds and the other in Pinstone Street Sheffield. Although not vegan restaurants, the Nourish outlets feature an impressive number of vegan-friendly menu items and everything plant-based is clearly marked.

But wasn’t I talking of a vegan meal plan service. Yes. Here it is.

Nourish has just launched a service where you take a meeting with their nutritionist and have your very own vegan meal plan developed just for you.

The meal plan provides clients with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks and supplements. You don’t go shopping, you just have to eat! Check out this sample three-day meal plan supplied to me by Nourish:


This appeals to me due to my laziness. I’d love all my meals prepared by a chef. I also love how it changes every day.

It would also appeal to vegans looking to explore their own personal nutrition, I suppose!

Get on over to the Nourish website to find out more info regarding the vegan meal plan program. You can also find the address for both restaurants in case you would like to pop in to try their vegan menu items before committing to the meal plan.

Nourish are also on Twitter.

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