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Forgive the (possibly dodgy) Google translation in Welsh, but I was really excited about a new 100% vegan restaurant in Bangor, Wales. I reached out to the owners to find out what it was all about and here’s what they had to say:

We decided to open a vegan restaurant simply because it’s the right thing to do. We were tempted to hide behind the vegetarian safety net but decided to be brave and follow the heart. The support has been amazing and it turns out that there is certainly a demand for this modern cuisine. People are most certainly waking up to the effects our meat and dairy consumption is having on the planet. Also the health implications that processed meat is having and the disgraceful treatment of animals is appalling and needs to stop. We can’t always barge into slaughter houses or testing labs to protest but we can produce businesses that oppose such things. We can create easier ways for people to find cruelty free food.

Voltaire is vegan food but not typical vegan style, the food is actually more in keeping with regular restaurant food, it just happens to be vegan. Our meals are fusion, worldly and totally delicious! We wanted to create indulgent food, not just healthy. Food to treat yourself with! Creamy mushrooms and crispy battered cauliflower. Summer fruity curry with warmed naan, or Tibetan fried noodles with a choice of caramelised parsnip or non meat pieces. We love comfort food at Voltaire and our customers are our family.

I’m so pleased that they decided to take the 100% vegan route and the food sounds right up my alley. Check out the picture they sent me and another one I found on Instagram. I can’t wait to make my way to Bangor and get some of that beer-battered cauliflower!


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  1. Right on! Be brave. Do what feels right. We did. Within our first month we submitted for judging what turned out to be award winning white chocolate – dairy free. People quickly appreciate that cows
    Milk is the compromised cheap alternative to real ingredients once they taste it. Love you guys to try! We do do bars as well, but maybe you can use some high end couverture…We (Solkiki chocolatemaker) are at Swansea in the summer vegan fest and Cardiff in sept I think.

    It’s not like people avoid chips because they’re ‘vegan food’. It’s tasty food for all to enjoy and though it might be tough starting out, if flavour is great, you’ll be great! Good luck!

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