Amazing resource for vegan Latin America

If you are planning a trip anywhere within Latin America, the Todo Vegano website is going to be your best friend.

This interactive directory is the only online resource you will need when travelling in the region. It is packed full of suggestions on where to eat, where to shop, how to find cosmetics and much more.

You can move around the map to zoom in on regions and cities you are interested in or use the drop down menus to search for what you are after. There is even a search category for vegan tamales!

todo vegano map

As you can see from the screen grab above, I used the map to discover a vegan taco eatery within walking distance of my apartment here in Mexico City. I honestly didn’t know this taco stand existed until I started searching Todo Vegano, so there are truly unique and valuable listings on this site.

You can use Todo Vegano to search for vegan  food and services in Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and many, many more Latin American countries.

This online resource is going help you plan an unforgettable vegan vacation in the region.

Click here to explore the English version of Todo Vegano. Be warned. You might spend hours and hours marvelling at the HUGE range of vegan businesses scattered around Latin America.

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