Pudology is spreading UK wide

I adore Pudology desserts so I was happy to hear this news of their continued spread around the UK.

From today (Monday April 25, 2016) Pudology is part of a trial that Waitrose is running in 48 of its stores. The supermarket chain is putting all chilled free from products together in one space for the first time. Shoppers will be able to find their favourite dairy-free delicacies more easily.

Currently, Pudology can be found in six Waitrose stores with two of their products (Banoffee & Chocolate) but this trial means they will be launching the Millionaires Pud flavour into the 48 participating stores (at an awesome 25% off offer!). If the trial is a big success, the concept of a free from chilled section will be rolled out to more stores taking Pudology to even more people.

You can check out the Pudology website here.


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