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V Revolution still fabulous

Manchester. So much for which to answer. Or something like that.

A recent trip to the northern city was somewhat planned around a trip to V Revolution. Don’t know it? V Revolution is one of the finest examples of vegans doing fantastic stuff with food and making it an enjoyable experience, too.

The cafe is tucked away in the Northern Quarter and manages to churn out delicious burgers, irresistible hot dogs, ice cream floats, and the best nachos south of Edinburgh (yep, nothing beats Auld Hoose).

Scroll down to see what I’m talking about. These three photos are from my latest visit and looking at them you can imagine why the V Rev staff had to push me out the door at closing time. I didn’t want to leave!

v rev burger 2 v rev nachos v rev burger

Follow all the food hysteria over on the V Revolution Instagram account and show your love on their Facebook page.

Yay for fab food made by lovely people!

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