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Vegan comfort

I’ve found the best vegan nachos in Europe. Tell everyone.

The Auld Hoose is a pub in Edinburgh with a very impressive vegan menu nestled within its non-vegan offerings. You think you’ve had awesome vegan comfort food? Take a look at what our group ordered on a rainy Scottish night, including the biggest and best nachos I’ver ever been served in Europe.

Burger and chips vegan

Vegan burger with chips & salad

FGV with vegan onion rings

FGV with the mammoth towers of onion rings

The Auld Hoose Edinburgh

The Auld Hoose from the outside

vegan burrito


Vegan chips and cheese

Chips with cheese

Vegan haggis

Vegan haggis with mash

vegan nachos

HUGE vegan nachos

It was tough work getting through that huge plate of nachos. I dread to think what would have happened if we had gone for the bigger option. Yes, really. This is the smaller version of this amazing dish.

The Auld Hoose is also loved for its killer jukebox packed with metal, punk and goth selections. This top music menu, coupled with spectacular food offerings and a solid run of beer, puts the pub squarely on the list of best places in Europe for vegans.

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  1. I’m not sure what I’m doing in London…. I have been dreaming of going back to Edinburgh since I fell in love with the place in 2002 & 2005…. 🙂 x

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