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Buffalo wings and crab cakes

Slowly. Inch by painstaking inch. London is finally getting vegan food options that are worthy of the international stage. We have been behind cities such as Berlin, Los Angeles, New York and Warsaw for so long but the tide is turning.

As this vegan wave builds, Phil T is riding high on a longboard with two of the best plant based dishes in the city. You just have to try these incredible plates.

I wrote about Phil T a while back when he took over the kitchen of a rock music venue on Holloway Road but this celebrated chef has moved on to another rock and roll pub, this time in Camden.

You can now find Phil T’s Kitchen at Our Black Heart, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it rock and roll venue/specialist beer bar tucked away in a back alley pretending to be a street in the central London neighbourhood of Camden.

The Black Heart Camden

Our Black Heart of Camden

So what is Phil T serving that has got me all in a squirm?

Buffalo cauliflower wings with blue cheese dip

Cauliflower buffalo wings with vegan cheese dressing

Vegan crab cakes

Vegan crab cakes and Asian salad with hot & sour dressing

Both of these dishes are first class.

Get along to Phil T’s as soon as you can for some of the best vegan food currently being served in London.

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