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Screaming Carrot

Every town should have a Screaming Carrot.

My recent stop in Nottingham opened my eyes to some marvellous things, not least a workers’ co-op vegan bakery and grocery store named The Screaming Carrot.

Tucked away down a small road in a quiet suburb, The Screaming Carrot is a one-stop shop for all your vegan pantry needs and sweet treats. 

As you can see from the photos, we picked up a whole bunch of goodies including Bakewell tart, sausage rolls, Eccles cake, quiche and custard slices. It was also a handy spot for some of our on-the-road essentials such as plant-based milks and savoury snacks.

Screaming Carrot Nottingham Vegan Bakewell Tart Vegan custard tart Vegan Eccles cake Vegan quiche Vegan sausage rollGet along if you live in Nottingham and make sure you create time for a drop in if you are passing through.

Yay for vegan things!

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  1. We’re lucky in Nottingham that Screaming Carrot suppy several other outlets with their tasty wares, including Natural Food Co in the city centre. Saves having to make the pilgrimage…

  2. Oh I love going to Screaming Carrot when we go to Nottingham. Very similar to Out of This World in Leeds (another place of mine to shop)

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