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One of the most enjoyable parts of the incredible vegan cruise I have been on during the past week was getting to spend time with one of my favourite vegans.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is a one-person powerhouse. Her educational books, talks, public appearances, podcasts, and interviews are more than inspirational. Colleen has the rare ability to engage complete strangers with her disarming and charming conversational presentation style, leaving them happy to have heard her message of how to go and stay vegan.

If you have ever questioned if a person can be unapologetically vegan AND a nice person, you haven’t met Colleen. She speaks with complete authority when it comes to why and how people choose to live vegan, but never loses her compassion for other humans in the process.

The above photo was posted by Colleen over on her Instagram account. We had a fabulous time catching up as we cruised along the Danube with Vegan River Cruises.

You can get all the latest updates from Colleen by visiting her website, liking her on Facebook and following her on Twitter.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I think she’s amazing – she facilitated me in finding my own vegan voice. So jealous that I didn’t go on this cruise – I saw Melanie Joy was there too! Next year is the year I join for sure! Hope you had a great time 🙂

  2. Just saw your beautiful post. You make me blush, and I really rarely blush. So wonderful spending time with you and Josh, who is the biggest sweetheart (but you already know that)! Hope to see you in Mexico City!

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