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Eating in Glasgow

I am often found singing the praises of Glasgow. Well, not really singing because I can’t but I am known for seriously loving the city and its vegan food opportunities.

My recent-ish visit to the Scottish city had me all in a flap, trying to get my chubby paws on as much of the glorious plant-based offerings as possible.

Like I did with the following food/drink from The Flying Duck.

cauliflower burger shake

Alcoholic milkshake, buffalo cauliflower wings and jumbo burger. You get the picture.

Not only is The Flying Duck serving up a huge menu of comfort food, it is also home to one of the most eclectic line-ups of entertainment in Glasgow. Heck, they even let me host a one-night only version of Queer Vegan Disco on their dance floor.

You can follow The Flying Duck on Instagram and Twitter.

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