Cheese spread

Hooray for vegan cheese!

Violife has been sweeping the country as people react positively to having a plant-based range of cheeses in the UK that taste good and melt superbly.

The rise in popularity of Violife has been swift, thanks mostly to how darn easy it is to buy. I’ve seen the slices in Tesco stores, the blocks in independent health food stores and even the smoked flavour in vegan shop Vx.

Despite this massive march of the vegan cheese brand across the country, I struggled to find their cheese spread known as Violife Creamy. Until yesterday, that is! 

I was able to get this little tub of happiness not from any physical shop front, but via online shopping thanks to Tesco. My months of searching have come to an end.

Have you found Violife Creamy in a store near you? What do you think of the taste?

Extra note: The above photo originally appeared on my Instagram account.

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  1. I’ve been buying it from a Tesco Extra near me for months now!! It was on offer last week

  2. Why does your page always knock off parts of my comments 🙁 always the funny and awesome parts ALWAYS!! But alas, woe is me and all that jazz. Hope you have a fabulous day!!

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