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Vegan chicken sandwich

As a vegan in love with sandwiches, I do get a bit tired of my main option being hummus or some variation of hummus.

Thankfully, Alara Health Store is on the scene to liven up my Central London sandwich experience. Check it out!


Even though this wrap has just five components, it is tasty and an absolute breath of fresh air on the sandwich landscape. More like this please, food-to-go producers.

My days of soggy carrot and hummus sandwiches are hopefully behind me!

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  1. I love this wrap! Eat it for lunch at least once a fortnight. I thought the ketchup and soya chicken combo was weird at first but it strangely hits the spot. Alara is great for vegan food 🙂

  2. Is that the only flavour?

    A range of fake meat sandwiches appeared very briefly in the healthfood shop on Portobello Road, they were very tasty so it’s a shame they didn’t stay around.

    And of course for those around Brixton Ms Cupcake makes fake meat sandwiches too.

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