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The UK is experiencing a vegan revolution. News has broken of a vegan raw food cafe opening in the Northern town of Warrington.

What? You don’t know where Warrington is on a map? Here you go.

warringtonAs you can see, Warrington stands halfway between Liverpool and Manchester.

Geography lesson for everyone unfamiliar with the North is officially over. You wanna know about the cafe, right?

Shambala is an organic eatery specialising in raw food. I’m delighted that local vegans have this oasis to turn to for compassionate dining.

Pop over to the Shambala Facebook page to check out some of the gorgeous looking raw creations. I particularly like the look of the open wrap overflowing with all sorts of fresh, mouthwatering ingredients.

You can also follow Shambala on Twitter.

In addition, check out the Shambala feature online via the Warrington GuardianIt includes quotes from owners Gareth Monk and Stef Davis, as well as testimonials from customers raving about the food.

Extra note: I adore that Shambala is housed in an old army recruitment centre. Less war, more peace food!


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  1. I’ve been to Warrington, I have. You’d be surprised how many progressive people live there. It’s well-known in cycle campaigning circles for its excellent campaign group, who are, among other things, responsible for the ’20’s plenty for us’ campaign. They also run the ‘Cycle Facility of the Month’ feature, which is funny, honest, even if you don’t ride a bike (or know what a ‘cycle facility’ is). When I went to their conference a few years ago, I was given a very good vegan meal. It’s great to hear that there are good eateries like that out there, too.

    • Warrington Cycle Campaign are progressive – as in they’re progressing very slowly from the 1970s into the 1980s. Pete Owens’ finger-pointing at victims of collisions is disgraceful and I really wouldn’t want to be associated with such an uncompassionate group.

      Their type of cycle campaigning is like a vegan campaigner insisting that to stop cruelty we need to each animals better self defence – while the rest of us know the answer is to stop the cruelty in the first place.

      • (That should be “teach” not “each”, of course!)

  2. If a new place opened in, say, Tooting, would you feel the need to publish a map with an arrow showing where Tooting is? For those of us who don’t know or care about the geography of that there London town.

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