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Best sandwich in London?

I think we need to hand over the title of best vegan sandwich in London to a new champion and I haven’t even tasted it yet. The photos are deserving of platitudes all of their own.

A non-vegan eatery has popped up on the South Bank and it is good to see vegan food is very much on the agenda.

The Green Room is an eatery housed just behind the National Theatre, with all profits from the restaurant channeled back into the theatre and the local community.

So, what of this amazing vegan sandwich of which I speak? Check it out below.

IMG_0147 IMG_0151What you see above is the spicy vegan sloppy Joe featuring cremini mushrooms, black beans, jalapeños, chipotle, onions and green peppers all served in a sourdough bun.

This thing has FGV written all over it. I actually can’t understand why I am wasting time telling you about it when I could be making my way to The Green Room to eat the glorious thing.

As an extra piece of information, I was told by the restaurant PR person that the fries are cooked in separate oil from all non-vegan items. Vegan fries with a vegan sloppy Joe? The future is now!

The vegan options seem to have been planned in a meaningful way with four of the five permanent side dishes being vegan and the inclusion of a fruit salad with coconut milk cream and homemade sorbet for dessert.

I would love an entirely vegan restaurant of this calibre to open in the capital, but at least we have a fabulous sandwich to keep us going until that day arrives.

You can visit The Green Room online.

You can follow The Green Room on Twitter.

If you make it down there for this sandwich soon, pop back here and let me know what you think.


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  1. What do you mean you would love a vegan restaurant of this calibre to open in London? We already have several vegan restaurants of a better calibre than this!

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