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Vegan again

One of my favourite things to eat is cheap, rapid cook noodles. Sainsbury’s used to have a range of pot noodles and instant noodles that were all suitable for vegans. Over the course of a few years, these changed leaving not one vegan option in the range of their own brand instant noodles.

But things have changed, again!

My hangover today had me on my knees in my local Sainsbury’s, rummaging through the instant noodle section in a desperate attempt to see if any of the flavours were vegan. I am delighted to report I found a vegan option.

The Sainsbury’s Basics Chicken Flavour Instant Noodles are now labelled vegan again.

noodlesBe careful when picking up a packet. You must get the bag with the ‘new recipe’ graphic on the front and the vegan wording on the back. My store had the new vegan variety as well as the older non-vegan packets on the shelf.

Hopefully this is the start of the other flavours returning to vegan recipes, as well.

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  1. Their BBQ beef noodles (not basics) are vegan as well

  2. So pleased. Just turned vegan after 26 yrs a vegetarian and got some health issues but can handle noodles. Yipee

  3. Any ideas/ help is gratefully recieved

    • That’s exactly why this blog is here! All the best on your vegan adventure.

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