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Brewed soda

One of my favourite things I consumed this year was not fried, baked or boiled.

It was brewed.

Mono is just one of the many, many locations in Glasgow packed with vegan options. The delicious-looking food menu is 100% vegan but it wasn’t what I ate that left me with fond memories of Mono.

It was a drink.

Mono serve some of the most delicious brewed sodas I have ever consumed. The photo below shows my tall glass of Raspberry Rose lemonade.

lemonadeOther flavours of the brewed sodas on rotation include Elderflower Meadowsweet and Ginger.

Next time you are in Glasgow, grab a glass of the pink stuff for delicious refreshment.

Side note: due to the brewing process, the sodas can contain small percentages of alcohol.

You can visit Mono online and follow them on Twitter.

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