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Lots of ice cream

It has been a bit quiet on the Vegan Ice Cream Wars front. Not much to report back from the trenches.

Quiet, that is, until I stumbled into Waitrose in White City Westfield today.

When you shop in a mainstream grocery store in the UK, you usually find just one brand of vegan ice cream (or two if you are fortunate). My experiences as a vegan consumer have left me disappointed by the freezer section of most supermarkets.

This is what makes the ice cream freezer at the White City Waitrose so impressive.

I didn’t see one brand. Or two. Or three. I saw four brands of vegan ice cream or frozen desserts. This sighting was also impressive as each brand featured had at least two flavours available.

Check it out below.

(After the pics, I’ll let you know which one came home with me. Can you guess?)

20141224_143738 20141224_143752 20141224_143813 20141224_143818Can you guess which one I picked?

Of course it was the Almond Dream salted caramel. Which one would you pick out of this impressive line up?

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I have booja booja chocolate and coco collab mango in the freezer although i am quite partial to the almond dream

  2. Salted Caramel!

  3. Ugh, I wish I had a waitrose nearby. Three asdas, two morrisons, a tescos, a sainsburys but no waitrose.

  4. I love the Almond Dream range, but my fave is the Mint Choc Chip! 🙂

  5. I got the Salted Caramel for my Christmas, I nearly shit myself I was so excited! But, I was also wondering why I didn’t know about these earlier! Ha ha!

    • Obviously not reading my blog enough! xx

      • I do read every article!!!! 😛 Did I miss something???? He he! xxx

  6. I’ve had the Sweedish Glace a couple of times from Morrisons and Tesco. I’ve also tried Booja Booja vegan chocolate truffles just recently, and they were absoltely delicious, so that’s the one I’d go for!

  7. I’m lucky if I find swedish glace in most!! I shall certainly be looking up the salted caramel in waitrose! Booja Booja is great but quite heavy with all those nuts!

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