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Vegan cookies

I love vegan cookies but it is surprisingly difficult to get a decent version. Yes, I can make special trips to Cookies & Scream or Ms. Cupcake for the good stuff, but I don’t always feel like traveling halfway across the capital for a choc chip cookie.

Thankfully, I now have the option of making the cookies come to me.

Kizzy’s Cookies is a home run company that has been pumping out delicious baked goods since 2013. If you are London based, you can pick up their individually-wrapped cookies from Black Cat Cafe in Hackney or Oliver’s of Kew. Brighton friends can check if the VBites cafe is still selling the brand, too.

For the rest of the country, get on the mail order. Kizzy’s is well worth it.

My partner Josh is somewhat of a choc chip cookie aficionado and he highly rates Kizzy’s, as do I. The cookies are moist, bursting with vanilla flavour and satisfyingly chewy.

Flavours available include:

  • Coconut (so lovely)
  • Classic chocolate chip
  • Chunky chocolate chip and raisin
  • Double chocolate chip
  • White chocolate and macadamia

You need to order the cookies in batches of six, but truthfully I can’t see why you would want less than that quantity.

20141219_094431 20141219_094501 20141219_094514 IMG_20141219_094057You can order online for postal delivery.

Visit Kizzy’s Cookies online, like them on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

Please note: Kizzy’s Cookies sent me samples free of charge for reviewing purposes.

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  1. I agree, these cookies really are something special!

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