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Get stuffed

Apparently it is the season for stuffing, so why not make your choice for stuffing a compassionate one.

I was in Sainsbury’s earlier tonight and their Taste the Difference stuffing range caught my eye, especially as each flavour is priced at just £1 for a limited time.

Out of the five varieties on offer, four are labelled as suitable for vegans. Check the range out below.

  • Onion, leek and chive
  • Cranberry, orange and roasted chestnut
  • Wild sage, roasted onion, shallot and lemon
  • Roasted chestnut, toasted hazelnut and thyme

chest haze thyme cran orange chest onion leek chive sage onion shallot lemonYou can use this to stuff a seitan roast or go the FGV route by making stuffing balls, the perfect accompaniment for a roast dinner.

NYE bottom advert

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  1. Sainsbury’s have a good range of vegan beers and wine. While doing my online shop a few days ago I searched for ‘vegan wines’ and ‘vegan beer’ and was very surprised to see so many results some of which I will be sampling soon. BTW the last two occasions, including this one, when I have clicked onto your blog my Avast security flags you up with a warning for a trojan – do you have any idea why this should happen? Have a great Christmas. Mark x

    • No idea, sorry Mark. Sometimes website with the word ‘gay’ get flagged.

  2. Interesting way of stuffing. I usually use rice to make stuffed peppers. Mushrooms and onions could be another option.

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