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Christmas snacks

One of my favourite things to do in a supermarket is to trot down the seasonal aisle. You know the one. The aisle rammed with novelty gifts and food products related to whatever time of year it is.

It’s where the shops cram the latest gimmicky toys at Christmas time or the One Direction mugs with chocolate eggs in them leading up to Easter.

This aisle is often the site of vegan junk food finds, especially if you are cruising the seasonal aisle at your local Sainsbury’s. Remember when I snapped up these vegan sweets at Halloween time? They were in the seasonal aisle.

The lucky dip that is the seasonal aisle of my nearest Sainsbury’s coughed up some new, never-before-seen vegan snacks for me yesterday and I only bought them in order to share with you all. Of course.

It’s Christmas time, so naturally you would expect to find corn chips shaped like Christmas trees and crunchy, tomato-flavoured balls shaped like, erm… Rudolph’s nose.



nosesYes, the crunchy balls really were that colour. They were outrageous. The taste was similar to an inexpensive tomato ketchup, only crunchy. It is the sort of nasty snack you complain about as you are eating but before you know it, they are all gone. Sickeningly addictive. I’m going back for more today.

I have nothing to say about the corn chip trees. Be prepared for your usual reconstituted corn mix chip. If you celebrate Christmas and want something fun on the table, buy them. Otherwise stick with your regular corn chip provider.

Have you tasted either of the above? What did you think?

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  1. He he, I’ve just returned from buying some of those Reindeer Noses (they’d sold out of the Xmas Trees or I’d have no doubt grabbed them too). I hope they aren’t too horrid!

    Was pleased to see one of my local H&Bs had new in three flavours of Violife & some Creamy Sheese (Sweet Chilli flavour) – but both seemed awfully overpriced though – £2.99 & £3.49 respectively. I’m sure they are far cheaper in independent health food stores (eg Black Cat does Violife around £1.89 – £2 / tiny store nearby does it for just over £2 & Sheese about £2.25 – £2.50). I rang the H&B Customer Services to say I was pleased they were stocking them but felt the price seemed high – they were somewhat dismissive & said they can’t compete with the small stores (!).

    Anyone else recall what they normally pay for these elsewhere? I can understand they might be dearer than the supermarkets but H&B ought to be able to match / be cheaper than most other healthfood stores, being the biggest national chain.

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