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Hannah Banana

All I have been hearing for the past few years is “Hannah Banana this” and “Hannah Banana that”. People have been falling over themselves to tell me how the Southampton-based vegan bakery is incredible and my life is worth nothing without eating their sweet treats.

Well, I finally got a package from Hannah Banana Bakery a few days ago and you wanna know something?

Hannah Banana Bakery is FUCKING amazing!

Let me start with the packaging.

It is rare to see such thought and care go into the wrapping of something delivered to my house. Hannah has either got too much time on her hands or a deep and burning desire to make every item she touches look like it belongs in an Etsy store. It all looked gorgeous with hand-stamped labels and boxes tied with twine.

My parcel in the post was exquisitely presented.


betterfinger label

labelWith packaging this beautiful, I had high hopes for the food inside.

I was not let down.

The cookies and kream bread was a decadent slice of moist delight, rammed with flavour and topped with a creme cookie. I was beside myself with joy and I gobbled the entire portion down in just a few blinks of my chubby eyes. I would hazard a guess that this could only be improved by heating it slightly and serving with vegan ice cream.

breadHow about chocolate chip spiced cookie butter brownie bars with white chocolate and maple candied pecans? I don’t even know what to say about this other than I was unable to show restraint. I think Hannah used magic to make this tray of perfection. Yes, they have magicians in Southampton apparently!

brownieAs if the above wasn’t enough, I also got my hands on the butterfinger bunny. Do you like peanut butter and chocolate together? I do. This golden bunny was almost too cute to eat but once I nibbled part of the ear, I had little choice but to keep going.

butterfinger whole

butterfinger bittenAs you can see, Hannah Banana Bakery gets the job done extremely well when it comes to baking and delivering vegan treats. I think all of my items were seasonal for Christmas so do order quickly if you like what you see. Otherwise, you can order all year round from their regular range.

You can see their HUGE range of cakes and baked goods available for order by visiting them online.

You can also follow Hannah Banana Bakery on Twitter.

Please note: I was given this food for free but was not paid to write a glowing review. It really is that good!

vegan xmas bottom banner




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  1. omg I love her stuff. I met Hannah at a show and being a non vegan expected to taste tofu and grass 😉 but was BLOWN AWAY at how divine these ‘non guilty’ treats are. I had several cakes actually as I wanted to try MORE and really cant say how lovely there are. I do remember the peanut butter in a cupcake which melted in my mouth and there was NO hint that it was not ‘normal’ cake…just a LOT better !!There is no need to eat processed crap when this stuff is out there! nom…

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