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Organic for the people

Here is some news you don’t hear everyday.

London has a brand new organic grocery store that is completely vegan. Yep. Read it again to make sure.We Londoners are a bit behind the times when placed alongside other international cities. Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York are swamped by 100% vegan businesses while our capital is just starting to make headway. You can get a lot of vegan food here, but stores with zero animal products aren’t too common.

Our struggle to have our own completely plant-based businesses just experienced a massive jump forward with the opening of Organic for the People. This Ealing Broadway pop up venture is a much-overdue retail outlet.

The store is operating on a bit of a bare bones, stripped back basis to start with but it is very heartening for vegan shoppers.

Every single item in the shop is vegan and every single item is made with organic ingredients. It is the place to go for pantry items such as baking ingredients, oils, pasta, dried fruit, seasonings, tofu, seitan, tempeh, drinks, soup, tea, coffee, vegetables and more. People searching for gluten free items will also find a lot to buy.

It looks as though the store has plans for serving fresh food, snacks and salads in the near future based on the set up inside.




IMG-20141116-WA0000My partner Josh summed it up perfectly by saying the store will be much appreciated by vegans in the local area but it still looks like it has a way to go in order to come across as a fully-realised grocery store. The electronic till system is not yet operational meaning orders were being written out by hand and there are a few empty shelves.

If you are in the area or want to support a brand new vegan grocery store and don’t mind heading to West London, get down to Ealing Broadway and buy a few groceries from Organic for the People.

Click here to see the store location on Google maps.

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  1. I feel so lucky to live in Ealing. I’m going to buy everything from this place (once they get their fridge and start stocking co-yo that is)

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