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Vegan pub food

Glasgow has got the goods for vegans. You can’t walk a few blocks without stumbling upon a vegan-friendly eatery or bar in the city centre.

Of course the plant-based eating isn’t just confined to the town centre and a short bus ride or taxi fare will deliver you to the most wonderful venue with a 100% vegan food menu.

Check it out!The 78 is a cafe that acts a lot like a country pub. I absolutely loved the vibe of the cosy room as my group escaped the Glasgow rain by securing the table next to the fire place. The menu was impressive, with the establishment proudly stating that all food is completely free of animal derived ingredients.

You can visit The 78 online and follow them on Twitter.

Now to the food.

Scroll down to see our fireside meal including a beer battered seitan burger, nachos, cooked breakfast, spiced rum cake and ice cream with walnuts and maple syrup. Every dish was delicious and thoughtfully created.

Go eat it all!

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. <3 all the vegan places in Glasgow, in every nook and cranny! 🙂

  2. Oo I will have to go there some day! All that food looks fantastic 😀

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