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Ning in Manchester

Imagine eating in a non-vegan restaurant where they not only have clearly labelled plant-based options on the menu, but where you will also be charged less for choosing a vegan option.

That happens at Ning.

Ning is a Malaysian restaurant in the Northern Quarter of Manchester city centre. If you think I’ve been writing about the Northern Quarter a lot, you have been observant. This district is quickly becoming the best vegan neighbourhood in the UK. I have gushed about V Revolution, The Soup Kitchen and Beermoth recently, while the area also houses a fancy pie and ale restaurant with multiple vegan options.

But back to Ning.

This Malaysian restaurant is right next door to vegan diner V Revolution and is a surprising food oasis in the evening when everything around it in the Northern Quarter appears to be on lockdown.

I was thrilled to notice all of the vegan options were cheaper than the meat versions, with one of the mains almost £2 less. I don’t recall having ever been inside an eatery that has this policy. I was impressed.

My meal started with lentil fritters made with onions, chillies, cumin and fresh curry leaves served with sweet chilli dipping sauce. I then moved on to a sweet and sour turmeric curry with tofu, lemongrass and vegetables. My eating experience was rounded out with pineapple/cinnamon and rose/coconut water/basil seed sorbet scoops.

frittersmain dishsorbetmojitoHow did that shot of my sneaky mojito get in there?!

The main dish curry was exquisite and I was more than surprised by the refreshing sorbet.

Ning satisifies. Eat at this restaurant and you will be leaving feeling like a smug vegan after having paid less than the meat eaters.

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  1. I’ve been there a couple of times and really enjoyed it and I loved the decor! 🙂

  2. Lovely 🙂

  3. Nice 😉

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