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The revolution will be veganised

I think I am living in the wrong city.

I want vegan junk food. I want vegan comfort food. I want the food to be tasty. I want the food to have flair. I want to eat the food in a super cool setting. I want cake options. I want drinks like shakes and floats.

I got exactly what I wanted in Manchester.

V Revolution is the type of food provider the UK has been screaming out for and of which vegan Londoners are surely gravely jealous. Of course the food is incredible or I wouldn’t be considering moving back to Manchester, but I’ll get to that with photos shortly. Let’s first talk about the fucking coolness of the shop.

With the look and feel of an old school diner, V Revolution is all booths and chequered lino. The retro dining area looks onto the main street of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, while the rear of the store doubles as an independent record store and zine outlet serving DIY and metal enthusiasts.

shop front





Half way between these two ends is the counter area framed by fridges, freezers and shelves stocked with vegan groceries. Pick up cheese, ice cream, pantry items and more while you wait for your order.

That brings me to the food.

I almost cried. This is the sort of food I need and want in my life. Hot dogs piled high with gherkins, burger sauce and fried onions. Double patty burgers with added spicy beef strips, cheese and bacon. Cherry cola ice cream floats. Cake.

It is some of the best vegan food I have eaten in the UK. Every item is executed superbly and is exactly what I want when I pay for food.



Joe Clayton II

Joe Clayton II



Cherry cola ice cream float

Cherry cola ice cream float

Everything I ate during my visit to V Revolution was fabulous. Speaking with founder Dom Moss, I heard rumblings of a possible expansion which could include vegan beer. You all know how I feel about vegan beer.

I am in love with V Revolution.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I’ve still not been to Manchester, and now I have another reason to get off my arse and go!

    Thanks for sharing, this place looks amazing!

    By the way, have you spent much time in Bristol by any chance? We have a vegan place called Cafe Kino that does the most awesome burgers with sweet potato fries, along with a wide selection of sandwiches, cakes, ciders and beers. Definitely worth the trip 🙂

    • Yes, I love Cafe Kino. It is lovely. Wish they would ditch the dairy milk, though!

      • This is true, I don’t understand why they do that…

  2. Oh yeah, and that Joe Clayton burger looks SO GOOD!

  3. Oh gosh! This looks worthy of a road trip…it’s always hard for me to go from vegan delights in NYC to vegan disappointments in London! I need to get some funding so I can open up my own freaking restaurant where we will serve all sorts of fatty goodness 😀

  4. Glad you liked the cake… Was it the Orange Choc Chip you tried?

  5. If you like burgers try Annies Burger Shack in Nottingham. 29 different burgers (vegan option for every one). Including the Elvis burger with peanut butter and jam

  6. I love V Revolution. The hot dogs are amazing! Particularly impressed you can buy plenty of the Vegusto range in there, plus those incredible German drinks.

  7. Wow this looks like an amazing happy place! When I am having a bad day, I will go here (in my imagination)… until the great day comes where I go to Manchester and can live there, forever and ever 🙂 just… amazing!!

  8. I visited V Revolution a week or two back for my birthday, OMG you are so right, what a cracking place run by two really nice guys Dom and Andy who recommended other vegan eateries for our three day stay. We only had cake (next time it will the burger you have posted a photo of!!). The cake was by Lily and Dilly and was a maple and pecan cake. I dont often get vegan cake but with a big cup of tea I literally was in vegan heaven. I have started my own blog and have reviewed many of the places we visited in Manchester. If you would like the link to my blog I am happy to share, thought it inappropriate just to put it here. But you are right Manchester is a mecca for vegans and I will be going back soon.

    • Please post your link. The more the merrier! Also… yay for cake!

      • Yay for cake definitely. Here is the link to my blog only started recently so a bit amateur but I’m working on it. Love your blog great info.

  9. Oops mis-posted http://veganolive1.blogspot.co.uk/

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