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Eat this

I have a simple task for you to complete this weekend.

Get on public transport. Head to Brixton. Walk into the Ms Cupcake bakery. Eat the following. Win the Vegan Ice Cream Wars forever.

ice cream cup


The vegan bakery is now selling these stunning frozen ice cream and baked goods hybrids. As you can see, I consumed a pot of chocolate ice cream smashed together with a chocolate chip cookie and chocolate sauce.

You surely agree this is an awesome development for greedy vegans of London, right?

Ms Cupcake ice cream pots come in different flavours, some even made with cake! Get into the store ASAP to discover what they are offering.

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  1. Hooray!! The missing piece! A vegan version of Ben & Jerry’s! I’m always so disheartened at the plain vanilla and chocolate offerings!!

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