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Your new favourite meal

Manchester is rapidly carving out a reputation for being a particularly special place for vegan food and the photo that crash landed in my inbox today is further proof.

Tucked away in the once derelict (and now slightly less derelict) barrio of Manchester known as the Northern Quarter, a non-vegan canteen and bar called Soup Kitchen is serving up one of the most impressive vegan meals I have heard of in the UK.

This special dish is a Sunday only serving, so make sure all trips to this part of the city/country/planet are organised accordingly. You wouldn’t want to front up on the wrong day and miss out on Jerk Jack Fruit with Roast Sweet Potato, Mashed Squash, Garlic & Chilli Romanic Broccoli, Fried Plantain and Fried Jamaican Dumpling.


It’s times like this where I long for the invention of teleportation, taste-o-vision or some form of technology that could put me and that plate of food in the same location right now.

You can find out opening times and locations on the Soup Kitchen website. Please understand that the Soup Kitchen serves meat so visiting their website or restaurant will mean you will probably witness people eating meat.

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