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Drunk eating

During my recent trip to Manchester, I found myself staggering around the city centre after a few too many vegan beers in need of late night snacks. Thankfully a 24 hour shop had something to fill the void.

The late night/early morning convenience store on Piccadilly Gardens carried the Forest Foods range of products, a range with a surprising number of vegan options. I can’t say the items I picked up were incredible or even above average but they certainly sent my tummy to bed with more than just a few litres of beer in it.

Check out the photo I took of my goods below. Not the best photo, but a drunk FGV stumbling around a Travelodge at 1am will never do much better.


vegana bottom ad

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  1. The mushroom and sage rolls are amazing!!

  2. There are three spar’s in the centre! The mushroom and sage roll is amazing 🙂

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