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The big one

You know we are only a week away from one of the biggest (the biggest?) vegan events anywhere, right? Approximately ten thousand vegans, vegan friendlies and curious carnivores will descend upon London Olympia for VegfestUK on September 27 and 28, 2014

This show is the result of the tireless dedication shown by organiser Tim Barford who is a rare breed in the vegan community. He works himself ragged getting these monumental shows together and reaches countless people every year with a compassionate message. His shows have been staged for over ten years and he rallies against adversity and financial hardship to put together events packed with information, education, entertainment and food.


It would be wonderful to see how many non-human animals have been saved directly by the influence of these shows. I would imagine the number would be emotionally overwhelming.

Following are some reasons I think you will love this year’s event at London Olympia:

  • it is a fab place to take non-vegans so they can see what it’s all about in a friendly and fun environment
  • there is SO much tasty vegan food
  • meet the people behind some of your favourite vegan brands (and thank them for their hard work)
  • it is wonderful to be in a building with THOUSANDS of other vegans
  • meet inspiring vegans from the worlds of sport, education, activism and entertainment
  • grab some show day deals and specials on your favourite vegan brands
  • get inspired to take action by signing up with organisations fighting for animals

You can buy tickets online now and download the programme here. Make sure you follow VegfestUK on Twitter and don’t forget to give Tim a shout out online to thank him for his dedication to improving outcomes for animals.


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  1. I’m going on Sunday. It’s my first VegFest (despite being vegetarian for a long long time) and I’m really excited to be going.

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