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Chocolate biscuit spread update

Don’t put a jar of chocolate biscuit spread in front of a vegan, tell them it’s vegan and then tell them it isn’t vegan. We will cut you.

Ever since I posted this story about a supposedly vegan bourbon biscuit spread sold by Tesco, my social media has been blowing up with folks telling me they had been informed by the chain that it contained non-vegan ingredients. I decided to dedicate a couple of hours of my life to finding out the truth.

Here is what I was told via a phone message left by a Tesco customer service operator:

This product does not contain milk however the site that it is made at does produce other products containing milk therefore we wouldn’t advise it was suitable for vegans.

I pushed for a little more info and Tesco staff kindly contacted the producer to narrow it down as such:

Having spoken to the supplier, they don’t have a separate mixing container for the bourbon biscuit spread. The bourbon spread is made using the same equipment as the dairy spreads but of course it is washed between batches. None of the ingredients used for the biscuit spread contain milk.

The final word is this: none of the purposively included ingredients in the bourbon biscuit spread contain animal derived products but there is a chance the product contains trace elements of milk proteins due to shared equipment.


Is this vegan enough for you? Does a mixing bowl washed between batches put you off or is the fact that all of the ingredients are vegan enough to make you OK with it?

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  2. Good enough for me. Soon as payday arrives I’m in!

  3. Good enough for me 🙂 thanks!!

  4. Good enough for me, now I just have to find it

  5. Hmmm…. someone else was told by Tescoes that it contained milk protein, but the amount was low enough that they didn’t have to list it on the ingredients?!?!

    • Yes, that is why I phoned them to ask them to clarify once and for all. The supplier informs that milk protein is not an added ingredient.

  6. Too many amazing vegan products now – I’m trying to lose weight!!!

  7. Does this mean Bourneville chocolate is okay?

  8. good enough for me – I researched, purchased and devoured – it’s so soft and spreadable and tastes divine in pancakes 🙂

  9. Thanks for investigating, fatgayvegan!

  10. I wouldn’t shop at Tesco under any circumstances.

  11. Excellent!! 😀

  12. Greatful news !

    Hard to choose between avoiding any product,
    or allowing a quite vegan product to take batch places instead of milk-based :3….

  13. I would eat it but what’s not good enough is Tesco not having pre-determined guidelines for what they do/don’t class as vegan. What a shame, especially with their recent efforts with vegan cream cheese.

  14. I get feelings of profound violence when wimpy vegans with no ounce of either common sense or detective skills (didn’t we all want to be Miss Marple? I know I did) just take these things as gospel. Or they are happy to rain on your parade in vegan forums and groups when you share a vegan find and they announce “my mate said that her mate told her that the guy standing at the bus stop’s 3rd cousin twice removed told them that it’s not vegan” for fecks sake, ring/contact the company and ask WHY! Don’t just accept it! It’s called probing! This drama happened last Xmas with people saying the Tesco finest italian chocolates weren’t vegan, and most of us KNEW it was a “may contain” issue, all these vegans did in their wet, naive and sheep like state was cause worry to people who may have already bought and consumed the chocs, without having any hard evidence or emails from the company to back it up! Idiots!

  15. It contains palm oil, an ingredient I thought vegans (I’m one) would avoid? Or aren’t orang utans as important as eating chocolate spread?

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