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Can’t even

As the title says, I just can’t.

Before you read any further, get your credit card ready and make sure there are no obstacles between you and your phone. You will need to do these things in order to be safe as you RUSH MADLY to place an order for THIS AMAZING PRODUCT.

thebelgianbiscuit-speculoos-crumble-2kgYes. That is correct. A 2kg bag of speculoos biscuit crumbs. I know! I am weak at the knees, too.

In case you can’t deal with this fabulous information and are having trouble sitting still, I will give you five seconds to recover before I hit you with some more news.

One speculoos. Two speculoos. Three speculoos. Four speculoos. Five speculoos.

Get over to the company web shop where you will find the following vegan products:

  • jars of crunchy speculoos spread
  • jars of smooth speculoos spread
  • boxes of speculoos biscuits
  • 2kg bags of speculoos crumbs (in two different sifted sizes!)
  • a 3kg tub of smooth speculoos spread (3kg!!!!!!!!!!)
  • a 2kg bag of speculoos powder

Can you just imagine the possibilities for these products? Sprinkle the crumbs over vegan ice cream, use them to make cheesecake bases, top cupcakes and do whatever the darn heck you want with them.

I need to take to my bed for a while. The excitement is too much.

Click here to visit the online shop. The website states there is free UK delivery for orders over £15. That wouldn’t be difficult.

Extra notes: all of the speculoos products are vegan, as is the apple butter they sell. The cocoa spread is not vegan.

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  1. They don’t do the Speculoos / Choc sprinkles that Dutch people like to melt on toasts? Because that’s much better than the crumbs.

  2. You. Are. Funny! 🙂

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