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Milk in Marks and Spencers

Have you seen the range of vegan milks now available in Marks & Spencer stores all around the country?

I recently spotted the ‘Made Without Dairy’ packaging in the M&S on Chiswick High Road and was happy to see not just soya but also oat, rice and coconut varieties.

Check them out below.

20140827_155650All four plant-based milks are listed on the M&S vegan product list. It is great to see dairy alternatives making such inroads into high street retailers. Bring on the flavoured milk next!

You can see the vegan product list from M&S by clicking here (it opens as a PDF).




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  1. Wow, I hadn’t noticed – this is great! 🙂

  2. The coconut one is good, lighter than soya milk

  3. That is great, but as Marks and Spencer is a big supporter of the Israeli appartheid I won’t be buying them. Veganism to me means compassion for all creatures, including humans. That includes those Palestinian civilians brutally murdered and those Israelis denied the chance to live in peace by their government’s murderous aggression and territorial expansion. Marks and Spencer won’t ever get a penny of my money #bds #freepalestine

  4. Confused as the Oat drink just says “suitable for vegetarians” nothing about being vegan. Is it definitely safe?

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