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Are you one of those people that likes to mark Valentine’s Day with a special meal and a bottle of wine? That task becomes all the more difficult when you throw being vegan into the mix, right?

You can stay home and challenge yourself to create a fancy meal or you can head into the wilds of London looking for a vegan dinner amongst a sea of carnivorous eating options.

Recently-closed Saf was set to host a gorgeous dinner on February 14th, but you clearly can’t count on that option. So let’s help each other out. Jump into the comments section below to sound off about the best London location for a romantic vegan meal this Friday.

I am half the world away in Mexico but I would like to get the ball rolling by suggesting tibits on Heddon Street in Mayfair. This vegetarian restaurant used to be home to London Vegan Drinks and is a favourite of vegans and their friends.

Sietta & tibits

Sietta & tibits

On Friday February 14th, tibits will be transforming their food boat (where all the food is held) into a vegan wonderland. They are removing all non-vegan items for the day so your romantic meal can be cruelty-free. People who like to drink will also be happy with a selection of vegan beers, wines and cocktails (make sure you ask for vegan wine options to be pointed out).

That’s my tip for Valentine’s Day 2014. Now I want to hear yours!

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  1. I love Manna for Valentine’s. The Gate will surely do a lovely vegan option too.

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