Italian comfort dinner

You all know my friend Sara runs vegan supper clubs and is hired as a private chef, right? So you will also know everything is inspired by her Italian heritage and is 100% vegan, yes?

Check out her upcoming Italian Comfort Food supper club taking place on Thursday February 20, 2014. The menu sound ridiculously amazing. The only excuse you have for not being at the dinner is that you will be with me at London Vegan Drinks instead. You must choose. Choose now!

Check out the menu for Sara’s dinner:

STARTER * Farinata * – baked chickpea pancake with red onions served with handmade vegan mayo and homemade Focaccia

MAIN COURSE * Handmade Italian Flag Tagliatelle with Porcini mushroom sauce * – red, white and green coloured tagliatelle handmade with spinach and beetroot home-squeezed juice served with homemade tomato and Porcini sauce

SECOND COURSE * Homemade Beetroot Burger * – served with vegan Stroganoff sauce 

DESSERT * Caramel Tiramisù * – vegan caramel Tiramisù

Amazing! You can book tickets online.


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  1. That sounds delicious. If I ever make it to London I’ll have to go pay a visit. 🙂

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