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Vegan airways

A quick little post to continue my thematic entries about food I eat while up in the air.

The meal featured below was served to me during my recent flight with British Airways between London and Mexico City. Vegans are only too aware of how erratic flight food can be, but I give serious dues to this meal. It was a solid effort.

I eyed my tray suspiciously

Liked all good vegans, I eyed my tray suspiciously

The cous cous was tasty

The cous cous was tasty

Mixed pulse salad

Mixed pulse salad

Fruit with compote

Fruit with compote

As you can see, I did alright!

I would love to feature your meals in the sky if you are keen to share your experiences. Just let me know.

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  1. Oh wow, lovely! I have never had a good meal on BA, going outwards or coming inwards except for their breakfasts coming back which is just bread and spreads. The same goes for short haul flights for other companies. They actually managed to serve 4 asparagus pieces yellowed, rubbery and gross (needless to say way overcooked) twice. On other companies going outwards I’ve had decent food like rice and nicely made veg/curry with fruit cups. I’ve heard the Middle Eastern and Thai airlines are the best for service.

  2. I have found that Continental (now United) does pretty good vegan food on the trips from the UK to the US. It’s usually a vegan curry – two different types of veggie curries with rice and a side salad. I’ve actually really enjoyed some of my inflight meals!

  3. I had the exact same menu on my British Airways flight from London to NYC and I have never had any negative experiences w/ BA when it comes to vegan food. Always nice (even breakfast).

  4. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. I’ve shared my most recent experience (Quantas) over here: http://greatveganexpectations.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/when-airlines-get-it-right/, and the previous one (Emirates) here: http://greatveganexpectations.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/dreaming-of-pie-in-the-sky. I’ve got an older one or two as well, both Emirates and Quantas again, but I think two plugs for my blog is more than enough. I’m happy for you to use my info, contact me on claire [at] greatexpectationsfitness [dot] co [dot] uk if I can help with anything!

  6. […] expectations were high after the decent dishes I was served on my way over to Distrito Federal, but the reality was […]

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