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Saf set to close

I would like to offer you the choice of hearing the good news or the bad news first, but to be honest I only have devastating news.

I am decidedly depressed to break the news that Saf Restaurant & Bar located in Whole Foods Market Kensington is set to close forever.

The heartbreaking decision to shut the best vegan restaurant in London (and setting for my sold out NYE party) must have been extremely difficult for the owners, but they have made the decision nonetheless.

The Shoreditch location of Saf was first to shut down back in 2012 and now the Kensington branch is following suit. It shouldn’t be surprising to hear both locations folded due to financial reasons and I have to say the Kensington spot was often looking very empty.

This is a terrible loss for the London vegan scene and the London restaurant scene in general.

Happier times - FGV NYE party flyer

Happier times – FGV NYE party flyer

I have been told the very latest date the restaurant will remain open is Sunday February 9th, 2014 but the closing date could even be as soon as Sunday February 2nd. I would recommend getting down there as soon as you can to experience what I consider to be the best vegan restaurant food in London and I will report back with the exact closing date when I find out.

In addition, please tip the staff generously if you make it in before closing. Every person working in the kitchen, behind the bar and on the floor now needs a job. Take this opportunity to eat delicious vegan food AND help these workers out financially. Tip generously!

And one more thing… EAT AT VEGAN RESTAURANTS ALL THE TIME!  If you don’t use it, you lose it people.

RIP Saf.

Bangers and mash

Bangers and mash

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  1. That’s a big shame! Have eaten there quite a few times and enjoyed it every time.

  2. What?! This is utterly devastating and a real shock. I thought that things must have been going well after the new menu launch. Sad times indeed.

  3. I’ve never been there, but have been wanting to visit since I heard about it recently. Such a shame.

    Out of interest, what would you say are other good vegan restaurants in London?

  4. That is such sad news 🙁 I love that place!

  5. Such sad news 🙁 I love that place!

  6. Sorry to hear this news. I ate there several times while staying in Kensington on my last three London visits. Such exquisite food and drink. Noisy location inside Whole Foods, though. I wanted to try the other London location…and that’s closed too?! Sad.

  7. Oh no! I will miss their wonderful raw vegan tiramisu which was the best dish ever. Sob!

  8. So sorry to hear this we have only eaten there 3 times as we are from Cumbria but the food was delicious xx will not be the same xx

  9. So sad to hear this. We loved SAF and I was shocked to hear this news.

  10. It is very sad to hear this but unlike others i who loved SAF i personally
    far it vastly over priced compared to other places like say Nama
    that do the same sort of thing, so ivery rarely went there.
    In contrast to this bad news about SAF and The Mella Centre
    some good news. Nama in Queens Park is doing really well and will be
    moving to a bigger place in Westbourne Park around March.

  11. opps reposting as the last post is full of mistakes

    I meant to say it is very sad to hear this but unlike others who love SAF i personally
    find it vastly over priced compared to other places like say Nama
    that do the same sort of thing, so i very rarely went there.

    Having said that i know it is loved by a lot of people and although
    i found it too expensive any loss like this is a blow to the vegan community.

    In contrast to this bad news about SAF and The Mella Centre
    some good news. Nama in Queens Park is doing really well and will be
    moving to their own premises in Westbourne Park around March.

  12. So sorry to hear this. Having heard it rated so highly many times I’d been looking forward to one day going. Vegan businesses deserve to flourish! Especially such a fine one. I wish I could get into town more but this does propel me to seek out purely vegan establishments when I can get into town.

  13. This was our very favorite vegan restaurant in all of London AND Paris on our last trip. Such a shame.

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  15. Gee, that IS sad news. I was there late last year and blogged about it. While it wasn’t my favourite London vegan experience, it certainly was lovely to add to the London vegan experience!

  16. […] First Saf closed up for good, then The Mighty Fork stopped trading and now I find out one of the best vegan bakers in the city is set to stop trading in Brixton. […]

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