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Remember how I raved about Mella Cafe on Oxford Street? I was so excited to share news of a completely vegan eatery serving up tasty, healthy food in the centre of the capital.

Well, there is some sad news to be shared. I just received the following message from Lynda via Facebook:

“I’m working in Berners St from today so I went along to Mella just now (for the first time – very excited) and it was all boarded up down there. The Bureau de Change man said yesterday was their last day and the landlord came to see the owner. He doesn’t know what was said, but that was that.”



Thanks to Lynda for the heads up but this is such a shame. I would love to know what happened and if the people behind Mella plan on resurfacing elsewhere. Anybody know?

You gotta support vegan businesses, people!

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  2. Sorry to hear about Mella cafe. But remember that Vitao Vantra is only a few doors away on Oxford Street if you want to get healthy vegan food and are near Tottenham Court Road station.

  3. Unfortunately i’m not a fan of Vitao either the food or the service so that won’t be an option.
    Mella was a lovely space and i do know a little bit about the problems they had as a few weeks ago i had a meeting with one of the owners who offered me a part time Pr job.
    The owner was interested in me running events at the centre and asked me to send
    him a proposal.

    During the meeting Sean i learned that the building had been taken on without a
    proper business plan or any sort of pr campaign and they were struggling to cope..
    I was told that that they had very little money and now had a building they were
    struggling to fill as no one knew they were there.
    I asked him how they could afford such a space bearing in mind everything he had told me
    he just shook his head and said ‘ i don’t know’

    I only found all this out as i asked him a lot of questions some of which he struggled to answer.

    I did think twice about sending the proposal as i could see that the owner was just
    overwhelmed and i had the feeling that despite him asking me to send him a proposal
    it just wasn’t going to happen
    I duly sent the proposal and heard nothing back.
    I can’t say i was surprised.

    It’s sad to hear this but you can’t just take on a space in Central London
    and not have any sort of plan.

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