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Get ready to be happy

Hey. You. Yes, you.

You sitting comfortably in your front room, eating baked beans on toast or a bag of salted crisps and feeling quite smug with yourself. You might be a fussy vegan but there you are eating tasty treats normally assigned to ‘the normals’ of the world. You can eat whatever you like because there are vegan options for most things now. You are such an accomplished eater and you don’t even have to think about it anymore. It’s so easy, right?

Well, hold onto your hemp hats. I make no apologies for blowing your tiny, vegan world apart with this next announcement.

Comfortably-numb plant eaters of the UK, I give you The Mighty Fork. Eating just became interesting again.


The Mighty Fork is the brainchild of hot dog hero Rita Fontes and she is certainly going to make UK vegans more appreciative of their food choices.

Developed lovingly over countless hours in her south London kitchen, the selection of hot dogs crafted by Fontes will no doubt be the go-to meal for many serious food lovers this summer. Cooked and assembled on an outdoor grill, the hand held delights are the perfect food for a day on the run and are being launched just in time for this glorious warm weather swallowing the south east right now.


TMFtasting1 TMFtasting2

So what can you expect from The Mighty Fork? Delicious and unique hot dogs that are truly world class, that’s what!

I was recently invited to The Mighty Fork HQ for a test run and I sing their praises here free of hyperbole and hype. The food is faultless. Fontes has painstakingly developed a series of special toppings and I was fortunate enough to taste the Yasai Dog (Japanese Yasai curry, sautéed onions, wasabi mayo and spring onions), the Brew Dog (hot beer sauce, sautéed onions, jalapeño peppers and American mustard) and The Big Chilli (black bean chilli, jalapeño peppers, diced red onions and American mustard).

Wow. I am worn out just typing all those ingredients! The three I devoured are just for starters, though. The Mighty Fork also offer The Plain Jane and Sauerkraut. Visit their website to see all the dogs with ingredients listed.

You can get your own hand held delight from Saturday July 13, 2013. The Mighty Fork are celebrating their official launch at Venn Street Market in Clapham. Get down there early, tell them FGV says “g’day” and enjoy some dogs!


Fat Gay Vegan & The Mighty Fork collide

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  2. I’m going to be in London for New Year’s, I think I will spend the whole week just eating and testing out ALL the recommended restaurants etc 😉 Are there any vegan events planned for this time? What about a Vegan Mulled Wine Fest? 🙂

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