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LVBF swag bag

You’ve heard all the hype and you’ve survived my incessant tweets. Now it is almost time for London Vegan Beer Fest to explode onto the capital.

The beer is being brewed, the BBQ menu has been planned and the karaoke machine is loaded with songs. July 13th, 2013 is going to be a day London vegans and their friends will never forget.

But for some attendees, the memories will be even sweeter.

Tickets have been split into four categories. The general admission pre-sale tickets sold out a few days ago, you can get in on the day for £10 after 1pm and £5 after 6pm (depending on space) and then of course there are the VIP Golden Keg tickets.

These precious tickets cost £25 and are your pass to a good time with plenty of benefits. Holders of the VIP tickets gain earlybird entry from midday (an hour before everyone else), get to choose one pint of beer, will be fed one item from the vegan BBQ and get to chill out in two exclusive reserved seating areas.

That’s pretty cool, right? Well, it gets better.

Every VIP ticket holder will also be given a limited London Vegan Beer Fest goodie bag stuffed with treats and special deals.

See below for the full list of included bag treats and then hurry to the ticket page to order one of these limited edition tickets. At time of writing, there were only eight VIP tickets remaining. Be quick!

bagThe VIP bags are reusable eco-friendly cotton and have been sponsored by Fry’s Distribution. Check out their website for tasty vegan frozen food.


Each VIP bag will contain one discount voucher for the wonderful new 100% vegan hot dog company The Mighty Fork. Keep an eye on their Twitter page for news of upcoming location.

elegantly veganEach VIP bag will contain one colour postcard from Elegantly Vegan, a gorgeous new recipe app. The card includes a QR code for a free preview download of the book.

yelpEach VIP bag will contain one metal bottle opener/keyring courtesy of Yelp LondonYelp is a fun and interactive online listings community. Check them out!

pensEach VIP bag will contain one pen thanks to Viva! Campaigns. Follow this invaluable non-profit activist group on Twitter.

ron likes cakeEach VIP bag will contain a discount voucher for the new allergy-free cake company Ron Likes CakesI recently tried one of their creations and they are highly recommended.

VxEach VIP bag will contain a sticker and badge pack from London’s first vegan store, Vx.

premaeEach VIP bag will contain one sample from world-class vegan skincare company Premae. Visit Premae Skincare online to view their entire range.

veganicityEach VIP bag will contain one container of vegan Vitamin B12 tablets courtesy of Veganicity. Check out their full range of vegan vitamins and supplements online.

wild trailEach VIP bag will contain one Wild Trail wholegrain bar. These delicious bars are an FGV favourite and you can keep updated with new flavours on their Facebook page.

kettleEach VIP bag will contain one 40g packet of Kettle chips. Visit the company online.

moo freeEach VIP bag will contain one Mini Moos bar made by the market-leading Moo Free Chocolates. Check out their full range online.

20130706_213734Every VIP will contain one box of Fairtrade and Organic raspberry chilli tea bags courtesy of the wonderful London Tea Company. Visit their website now!

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  2. How lovely to see Elegantly Vegan recipe cards! So beautiful!


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