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Mighty goodbye

It hasn’t even been a year since I first blogged about the glorious vegan food vendor The Mighty Fork so it is with great sadness and shock to find out that the people behind it have no future plans to trade.

London has lost one of its only world class, 100% vegan food providers. The Mighty Fork were a shining light in a slate grey Victorian  sky filled with hummus and falafel. Their gourmet dogs were loved by many and the capital is a decidedly less adventurous food landscape without them.

Owner and founder Rita sent the following tweet this morning to her devoted fans via Twitter.

mighty goodbye

I followed this tweet up with an email to Rita, asking if this really is the end of her vegan hot dogs on the streets of London.

She replied that there are no plans for The Mighty Fork in the future and she has no plans to return to street food. Rita also stated it was important to her to get word out to the people who have supported her business. She loved meeting the thousands of people she served vegan street food to and is thankful for all the new friends she made along the way.

It turns out that the final outing for The Mighty Fork was the roller disco I held to raise funds for Sea Shepherd. I’m glad I had the good sense to eat two of their delicious creations on the day.

Much love to The Mighty Fork for the brief enjoyment they gave to London vegans.


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  1. No way!! I thought they were doing so well. Sad day indeed.

  2. So sad – I always looked forward to get togethers and festivals where their food would be served. It’s really sad, but I hope things didn’t get too bad for them before they decided to stop trading xXx

  3. Oh Sean, thank you so much for your continuous support since the very beginning! Keep supporting all vegan small businesses out there, after all we do have some great stuff going on in the UK 🙂 x

  4. Nooooooo I never got to try them but had been looking forward to it! Very sad.

  5. That’s crazy!!

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