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Best-in-Show at LVBF 2013

The sun burned bright. The beers flowed liberally. People adored the BBQ. Karaoke raised money for Sea Shepherd. That’s right, people. London Vegan Beer Fest was a raging success enjoyed by almost 300 people on Saturday July 13th, 2013.

I have much to share with you all (including photos), but I have taken time out of my LVBF comedown to share some important information with you. Beer lovers, I present the audience favourite beverage as voted by the attendees of London Vegan Beer Fest.

Drum roll.


The winning beer of the first ever Best-in-Show award at London Vegan Beer Fest is the Earl Grey IPA by Marble Beers Ltd (served by Liberty Beer).

Congratulations to the brewery and Liberty Beer for serving it. This beer won the popular vote by a huge margin. Check out Marble online for this beer and the rest of their range.

We also wanted to recognise the Best-in-Show runner up. Congratulations to Cliffhanger by Brass Castle Brewery. This golden ale also attracted a large number of votes and was a popular beverage on the day.


In addition, Brass Castle Brewery won the Voted Best Brewery award for the huge number of votes all their beers received. No other brewery  got as many votes across the board. A huge congratulations goes out to Brass Castle and their amazing range of vegan beers. Please visit them online.

Much appreciation goes out to all the breweries involved in London Vegan Beer Fest this year and special thanks to the wonderful people serving delicious brews for over nine hours. You are true heroes.

Stay tuned for more London Vegan Beer Fest updates soon.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Worthy winners! Loved both those beers. Thanks for a superb event, FGV!

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