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Vegans need more B12

There are a few more updates still to come from my trip to Barcelona, but before we get to those I would like to inform you of a stunning vegan eatery located roughly an hour north of this city.

In the northeastern Catalan city of Girona is a vegan food destination known as B12. This cafe is a gem of a location for vegans  and it is full of burgers, desserts, beers, colas, hot drinks and more. Every single item in the restaurant is 100% vegan and the staff are 100% helpful, welcoming and friendly.

Josh and I were heading through the region toward a short break in the Pyrenees when we decided to take some time out for a refuel at B12. I am beyond happy that we did. We enjoyed some of the most delectable vegan food on offer in Europe.

Gazpacho & fresh bread

The gazpacho soup with bread was a delicious dish that I couldn’t get enough of. This trip to Spain really opened my eyes to a recipe that I hadn’t given much thought in the past but I am now a firm fan. The B12 version was one of the best I have sampled and I could have ordered more and made a complete meal of it. It was that good. With a pile of soft, fresh bread helping it go down, this starter was an extremely-satisfying affair.

The rest of our meal kept to this high standard. We gobbled down succulent seitan and vegetable skewers. Our burger and potato plates were very much appreciated at our table. We were each given a juicy burger patty accompanied by herbed potatoes, a flash of salad and a dollop of vegan mayo. Everything on the plate was eaten and adored.

Seitan & vegetable skewers

Burger one

Burger two was just as tasty

B12 also offer a completely vegan beer menu that is extensive and impressive. Every table in the cafe is furnished with a book full of coloured photos of the bottles and descriptions (in Catalan) of their qualities. The range of beers on offer takes in a huge selection of local Catalan beers. We unfortunately didn’t get a chance to dip into the beer selection, but I am considering a special trip back to Girona for the sole purpose of getting involved with them.

Vegan beer menu at B12

If you get to Spain anytime soon, make sure you get to Girona. B12 is one of those places you dream of opening yourself. It is a relaxed, comfortable cafe with a well-stocked bar in a historical city. It serves stunning, cruelty-free food and the staff make everyone feel like coming back as quickly as possible. I plan on doing just that.

B12 vegan cafe & bar

B12, Carrer de Ruttla 147-155, Baixos 17003, Girona, Catalonia, Spain

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  2. Again…what am I doing in New Jersey?!?!? That looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I was there!! One of the best vegan places in Spain.

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