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Chelsea don’t eat no meat

I’m not a fan of festivals. The thought of searing sun, overpriced booze and fools with flags has been deterrent enough for most of my FGV life. Up until a few weeks ago, I had only ever been lured to a music festival once in my life and that was by the promise of seeing Morrissey live. I suffered through a stifling Australian day back in the Summer of 2002 and was forced to listen to some truly dreary supporting bands.

Fast forward almost a decade and Morrissey managed to drag me back to my second ever festival. A few weeks ago, I found myself strolling around a rather pleasant field of people in Kent as a cavalcade of musical legends (including Morrissey) thrilled on stage. Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and Prince (yes, Prince!) drew tens of thousands of people to the three day event known as the Hop Farm Festival. Morrissey and Prince were my major draw cards and both artists were close to the best I have ever seen them, but I must say I was also blown away by the copious amounts of vegan food on offer.

There were so many fabulous food vendors selling vegan dishes at the event, I didn’t have enough time or stomach capacity to sample them all.

The Indian food truck was serving spectacular specialties and I consumed way more than my fill. Josh and I shared a festival plate stacked with curry, a samosa, bhajees and more. My greed got the better of me as I went back for a plate of curry and chips. It was stunning.

Indian Food at Hop Farm

Indian festival special

Vegan curry & chips

The curry was certainly a hard act to follow, but one quaint on-site cafe managed to do just fine. The Wide Awake Cafe offered a tantalising range of vegan goodies. Everything was vegan apart from milk taken from cows that was being sold with hot drinks. There were so many irresistible meals to choose from but I couldn’t see past the vegan hot dogs. My first dog was smothered in fried onions and ketchup and a close-to-midnight indulgence saw me gobbling up a chili dog covered in coleslaw. Both cruelty-free hot dogs were divine.

Wide Awake Cafe

Vegan hot dog

Midnight vegan chili dog

And still the vegan food kept on coming.

Another truck going by the name of Goodness Gracious Healthy Food was selling healthy burgers and falafel. The business boasted a massive sign that could be seen from across the festival proclaiming they were offering vegetarian and vegan food. My friend Natalie made two stops to the truck. She walked away the first time with a pita pocket filled with salad and falafel before visiting them again for another pocket covered in hummus. Now, I’m not a gossipy FGV but I may or may not have seen a member of Morrissey’s crew placing a large order at this establishment. Just sayin’… the fans love to know.

Goodness Gracious Healthy Food


Hummos in pita

With its rejection of corporate sponsorship, a policy of people under 12 admitted for free and an abundance of vegan food, I proclaim Hop Farm to be the best festival I have ever attended. Not sure what weight that holds seeing it was only my second but how could you argue with those food photos and the talent below?

Iggy Pop was supreme

Morrissey being adored & explored by the Hop Farm masses

Learn to love him

Prince is unstoppable

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. everything looks delicious….especially morrissey! HEYO!

  2. I was there and went to the Goodness Gracious food twice and then got some sort of vegan indian burger to die for in another truck.
    Prince was excellent. I hate festival but loved Hop Farm 🙂

    • When he was dancing on top of the piano singing Baby I’m A Star…. too cool! Hop Farm was such a friendly, sane environment. It is the anti-festival festival.

  3. They were probably trying to make up for the abysmal options last year!! I went, when I was veggie not vegan and the only things I could eat were chips or salad from a stall that cost £9 for one plate. It was one of the things that put me off going this year, that and they confiscated my water. I was pretty gutted when my boyfriend came back from this years and told me of all the food options!
    Goodness gracious was at Glastonbury too, it was my favourite stall!

  4. Yes! We love Glastonbury and have recently started to do veggie Lebanese food there too! Thank you for all the great comments and support for our food! If you would like to stay up to date with which festivals and events we’ll be at this year follow us on Twitter @gghfltd or Like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GoodnessGraciousHealthyFoodsLtd
    GGHF x

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