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That’s the way I like it

Hungry but can’t be bothered to cook? This dilemma visits the Haus of FGV often and forces me to enjoy uncomplicated meals from time to time.

Redwood Fish Style Steaks

A few evenings ago, Josh and I were prettying ourselves for a fabulous night out in London. Plans were afoot for an evening of hilarity with singer/comedian/actor Sandra Bernhard at the Leicester Square Theatre followed by camp shenanigans as ex-Dead or Alive front person Pete Burns turned out a midnight PA at The Eagle in Vauxhall. It was going to be a big one so we were in need of sustenance before our wild night. With not much time to spare and even less enthusiasm for food preparation, we opted for a fishless sandwich.  It was fast, tasty and animal-friendly.

Redwood is the prepared/semi-prepared food company owned by Heather Mills. Mills purchased the vegan company in 2009 using her divorce settlement money from Paul McCartney. The company produces some of the best vegan deli items in the world including cheese, bacon, fish fingers, chicken bites and so much more.

Redwood fish style steaks in a sandwich... simple and quick

On this particular camp and lazy night we opted for the Fish Style Breaded Steaks, lightly grilled and served on seeded bread smeared with vegan margarine. The snack took less than 5 minutes to prepare and was delicious. The steaks are crunchy on the outside with a perfectly-crafted fish-like centre. If we weren’t so lazy, we could have whipped up some vegan tartare sauce and our sandwich would have been perfect.

Overall, it was a winning night. Sandra was biting and witty and hilarious. Pete tore through a five song set in front of a delirious nightclub. And I got to eat a delicious vegan snack without expending much energy.. and that’s the way I like it.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog but must draw a line in the beach sand with your presentation photo. Indeed, it looks *very* quick and easy, but not-so-tasty…

    2.65 out of 3 for the overall experience
    NB – 0.15 was for the blue plate that matched the packaging ;D

    • Haha… the photo is tragic but what you see is what you get. Fake fish on bread. There is no way of making that look better than it sounds. It did taste fabulous, however. Thank you for noticing my exemplary colour-coding skills.

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  3. Hey sweetie, I was filled with a joy that I can’t truly describe when I stumbled upon your blog, as I am also FGV, albeit of the lady loving variety! I think you would love some of the vegan restaurants and cafes that Glasgow has to offer, we have some excellent eats I highly recommend the 13th Note Cafe [http://www.13thnote.co.uk/index2.html] and Mono [http://www.monocafebar.com/] We have dub’n’grub nights in Glasgow’s West End, twee vegan friendly tea shops and shisha bars, definately worth a wee trip up on the Megabus to sample the cuisine =]

    Mugs of love!
    Linky x

    • Hey Linky! We FGVs are a growing army. Lovely to have you visit my blog and say a few words. Thank you.
      Glasgow vegan eats sound terrific. I will definitely schedule it into my travel plans over the coming months. xx

  4. Hello,

    I love that you have this blog, I appreciate it, i am unfortunately not a FGV, just a GV.
    Those fishless fingers are amazing and much nicer than fish fingers, from what I can remember. I am gutted I did not have it as a sandwich, why have I never thought of that. Golly!

    I have to email you!

    Sambee x

    • Hi Sambee! Thanks for popping by my blog and commenting. Just about to stroll on over for a look at your blog.

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