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Simply cider

Forget about same-sex marriage. I’m on a one person mission to legalise unions between fat, gay vegans and Samuel Smith cider.

Old Rosie vegan scrumpy cider

As I traverse the length and skinny breadth of this land, I am doing all I can to convince people that cider is my favourite beverage. If I don’t have a pint of the golden drop in my hand, I surely must be carrying a few bottles home from the supermarket. It is a one-sided affair in which cider keeps giving and I take in abundance.

This week saw my obsession intensify with two new-for-me cider varieties arriving in my life. First up was the student classic and low-budget scrumpy called Old Rosie. Rosie is manufactured by Westons and is available in most major off-license chains and supermarkets. I was gifted with three bottles of the cloudy cider as well as buying two on my own accord. Seeing as I had five bottles to get through, I truly wanted to fall deeply for Old Rosie. Sorry, I cannot stretch the truth in matters of the heart. Rosie was a touch too tart for my liking and I can’t see a long future ahead of us. If I found myself at a house party and it was Rosie or nothing, sure, it would get a look in. Other than that unlikely scenario, I feel it best if Old Rosie and I go our separate ways.

Samuel Smith organic, vegan cider

As I had struck out with Old Rosie, I was keen to make a connection of the cider kind that was meaningful and long-lasting. I am quickly discovering Samuel Smith and I are a match like no other. I picked up a bottle of organic cider from Out Of This World and I can safely say this apple drink is miles ahead of competitors for taste, flavour and overall drinkability (is that a word?). The Sam Smith drink is certified vegan, has no nasty aftertaste and could very well be the perfect cider.

For now, I am still on the market but don’t be surprised to hear of me settling down for good with this solid, reliable cider. It could be true love.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Thanks! It’s a lot of work, but so worth it and a fun process.
    Mmmm. Now I’m thirsty for some cider. Makes me nostalgic for the autumn in Ohio.
    From one gay vegan to another 😉

    • Cider is fabulous and so are gay vegans. Lovely to see you here!

  2. I an drinking a bottle now and am considering settling down with this awesome cider myself.

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