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I am thrilled to announce an exclusive performance by comedian Jack Yapp on the London Vegan Beer Fest stage.

JakeYappJake is a multi-talented writer, producer, performer, voiceover person, dandy, delinquent and dedicated vegan.

Jake works hard to make people laugh, as he will be doing during his residency as part of Camden Fringe in August. Between August 10 and 23, you can check out Jake’s One-Derland show where he picks apart a day in the life of BBC1 in order to examine the future of the Beeb.


Click here to read more about One-Derland and be sure to follow Jake on Twitter.

Jake hits the London Beer Fest Stage at 4pm sharp.

Book tickets for London Vegan Beer Fest by clicking here NOW!

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LVBF discounts

London Vegan Beer Fest takes place tomorrow, but the fun doesn’t end once guests stumble back out onto the streets of London.

The following vegan businesses have each offered a discount or special for anyone wearing a London Vegan Beer Fest wristband.

The special offers are good for Saturday July 18, 2015 for people wearing an event wristband only.

Check them out: Read more ›

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Vegan wine for miles

London Vegan Beer Fest is about beer, food and music.

Oh, yeah. It is also about vegan wine. A hell of a lot of vegan wine.

If you are one of those people holding off on coming along to London Vegan Beer Fest because you only drink vino, the following list is going to be the thing that tips you over the edge.

Our exclusive vegan wine bar is hosted by Sustainable Wines UK founder TulipTulip has recently launched an eco-friendly wine bar in Enfield and sells a lot of cruelty-free wine online. You can read about Tulip’s wine businesses here.

Keep scrolling down to see the MAMMOTH list of vegan wines Sustainable Wines UK will be pouring at London Vegan Beer Fest in two days time.

It’s incredible. Read more ›

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Animal Aid

London Vegan Beer Fest is not the only exciting event taking place on Saturday July 18th, 2015.

You can also join Animal Aid for their sponsored 10 km Walk For The Animals on London’s Hampstead Heath.

Get along to meet Marsha, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier saved by the fantastic New Hope Animal Rescue, along with some other shelter residents.

The animals will be enjoying a day out from their kennels, as well as hoping to find a new forever family.

You can register for the walk and print off more details here and sponsor Marsha – who is walking for Animal Aid – here.

Tell everyone about this wonderful event!

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Vegan job

This information just arrived into my inbox and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all.

It is HUGE news for London.

I’m stripping it down to simple facts:

  1. London is getting a new 100% vegan café in Soho (yes, I’m freaking out too!)
  2. This new vegan café is looking to hire a head chef.

Check out the help wanted advert below. Read more ›

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Stroud beer list

I’ve never written about beer as much as I have this week. Beer lists are coming out of my ears ahead of London Vegan Beer Fest on Saturday and I’m now adding the final notes to this impressive line up.

Stroud Brewery is back with the event and they are once again bringing the winner of best beer in show 2014, Asparagasm.


Check out the full list of what they will be serving below: Read more ›

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Veganz news

Post by:

joe panel

I’m sure it’s not news that Berlin has two branches of the Veganz supermarket (by the way, does anyone get the pun in the name?), but for me perhaps an even greater sign of progress are the Veganz sections in one of Germany’s mainstream supermarkets, Kaiser’s (know as Tengelmann in Bavaria for some reason).


Veganz section in Kaiser’s

Highly visible vegan labelling in prominent locations in a major supermarket is a good sight to see. I feel it helps to normalise the word and concept. This in addition to other products proudly promoted as vegan, for instance in Kaisers’ own chilled sections.


Not Veganz section – just Kaiser’s own vegan advertisement

It’s not just Kaiser’s either, other supermarkets are pushing vegan products as well. Veganz also has concessions in Metro and Globus supermarkets. It’s good to know if you desperately need to do some midnight vegan shopping from treats to staples, there’s somewhere to go. Seitan powder, dried soya chunks, vegan cream (pouring or whipped), energy bars, sweets and chocolate, kale chips, cooking spices, omelette mix… (p.s. If you’re wondering, the pun in Veganz is that ‘ganz’ is German for ‘everything’).

Reminder: Join Joe for Berlin Vegan Drinks this week and join the Facebook page for future updates.

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Veg Bar revolution

We have all been so excited to have Veg Bar in our midst. This 100% vegan bar and restaurant in Brixton has quickly established itself as a hangout place for London vegans and their friends.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegan Brunch takes place every Saturday and is always buzzing with vegan food enthusiasts and hard liquor connoisseurs.

Yep, Veg Bar has enjoyed a solid start out of the box but now changes are in the air to take this south London eatery to the next level.

Big news the first: Chef Jhenn of The Vegan Ronin is now the head chef of Veg Bar. Jhenn is known to hundreds of you as an amazing pop up supper club chef who has fans all over the planet. Seriously. She gets repeat customers from as far away as the USA and Japan.


Check out the super fresh and totally vegan menu Jhenn has launched this week to celebrate taking over the Veg Bar kitchen: Read more ›

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Smoked houmous

Yes, seriously.

I am writing a blog post about houmous. After all the jokes, all the stereotyping and all the times I’ve been left with nothing to eat but houmous, I am dedicating an entire blog post to the creamy stuff.

Why? Because the smoked organic houmous by Natural Vitality is fabulous.

Check it out. Read more ›

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Partizan beer list

The beer keeps coming.

Partizan is an independent brewery located in Bermondsey, South London. You can find their inventive and unique bottle labels (with the tasty beer inside) across the capital in bars and good beer shops.


You can also find the following list of their beers being served by them at London Vegan Beer Fest this Saturday:


Pale – Sorachi Ace 4.5% ABV
Pale – Mosaic, Cascade 4.5% ABV
Saison – Raspberry and Lemon 4.0% ABV
Tripel – 8.0% ABV
Atomium – Belgian pale – 5.0% ABV

Visit Partizan online

Like Partizan on Facebook

Follow Partizan on Twitter

Buy tickets for London Vegan Beer Fest by clicking here NOW!

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