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I have been invited to contribute to a discussion at the Specialty and Fine Food Fair taking place at London Olympia on September 7-9, 2014.

Here are the quick facts you need: Read more ›

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Best news ever

There is so much good news to cram into this blog post, I can barely sit still due to my excitement levels.

I’m just going to have to give it to you in bite size chunks in order for you to be able to take it all in.

Here goes: Read more ›

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Up North

I am thrilled to announce that on September 13th, 2014 I will be hosting a vegan speed meeting event at the Northern Vegan Festival taking place in the Empress Ballroom of the Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

blackpool meet

Here is a short piece of information about the event I am running to tease your interest: Read more ›

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About Time Brixton

I am thrilled to be able to share my favourite vegan hot spots in Brixton.

The online magazine About Time asked me to compile a top 5 list for vegan visitors to the South London neighbourhood.

You can read the article by clicking here.


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OXO Tower

Have you heard about the vegan offerings in the restaurant with one of the best views in London?

My buddy K just sent me the following two photos. One shows the vegan options available at the OXO Tower Brasserie while the other shows the stunning view from the terrace.

Check them out below. Read more ›

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So long

Another UK vegan restaurant bows out.

A tweet from Cooking The Vegan Books yesterday alerted me to the fact that one of my favourite places in the UK was closing. As soon as I was informed, I raced to the Dandelion & Burdock website to confirm with my own eyes and was met with the following statement: Read more ›

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Vegan food at a wedding

A few weeks ago, Josh and I attended the wedding of our friend Mirel and her partner Mark. It was a fabulous event and we were thrilled to be part of the celebrations.

But of course any invitation to a party such as a wedding brings along associated food fears for vegans. We always worry if our choices have been considered or if we’ll be stuck with a bowl of lettuce.

Our fears were unfounded as Mirel (a vegan herself) made sure the many plant eaters in attendance were thoughtfully fed. Check out the photos below to see the vegan thali served for lunch, the masses of vegan cupcakes and the towering vegan wedding cake (the latter two both made by London business Ms Cupcake). Read more ›

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North London snacking

Yesterday was a celebration of vegan snack purchases in North London.

Check out four items that floated by plant-based boat north of the River Thames.


The top three were purchased in Bumblebee on Brecknock Road in Kentish Town while the spicy popcorn is from Vx in Kings Cross. Do you like what you see?

I love vegan snacks! Have you seen anything lately you think I should check out? Don’t keep me hanging. Comments below, por favor.

These photos originally appeared on my Instagram feed – see it here

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Dry shampoo you

What the hell is dry shampoo?

I was sniffing around my local Superdrug store (which we all know is a hotbed of cruelty-free personal care items, even for travellers) when I saw a large display for a product called dry shampoo.

dry shampoo Read more ›

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Tear down the arches

Why are McDonald’s restaurants closing all over the UK?

I was walking along the high street of my new neighbourhood when I noticed a shop front that looked to be recently vacated. Staring carefully at the place where the business sign used to be, I could make out the outline of the word McDonald’s.

closed mcd

How fantastic! Any McDonald’s closure is a good thing for animals. This particular branch had minced up and sold dead animals for more than 30 years and now it was gone. But why are these stores closing and does it even mean people are eating more compassionately? Read more ›

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