Free tickets to Just V Show

The Just V Show (used to be called the VDelicious show but changed its name) is heading back to London for a 3-day stint at Olympia across July 3, 4 and 5, 2015.

Whatever its called, the show is a huge collection of vegan (and non vegan) companies all in one spot and is a real thrill for plant-based food obsessives like me.

Some of the big names involved in the Just V Show this year include Fry’s Family Foods (I’m helping them set up their stand), inSpiralDee’s WholefoodsCocoafelizRebel KitchenParadise UnbakeryRubys of LondonThe Vegan SocietyViva! and The Raw Chocolate Pie Company.

In the biggest news ever, Follow Your Heart has a stand this year. FYH are the makers of the most glorious vegan product on the planet, Vegenaise. It is fantastic news that they are making serious inroads into the UK market.

My blog post title promised free tickets to this event so here you go. Head on over to register for your free ticket now:

See you at the show!

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Green Market

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joe panel

This weekend found myself and my little vegan gang at a little festival called the Green Market, a small festival which happens three times a year.

The ‘summer edition’ took place next to the river Spree (in part of the former Berlin border strip, for any other history geeks out there!).

And though it may be small (about 30 stands?) the market has quality over quantity, as in addition to vegan clothing, shoes and accessories, there were tons of delicious things to eat.

Plenty of burger and wrap trucks, an ice-cream stand by Kontor (reviewed previously), and – behind a crowd of excited vegans – a new doughnut company called Brammibals, who are currently seeking crowdfunding for a new shop.

So without further ado, check out the following food photos: Read more ›

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Looking for vegan wine?

Are you a vegan wine lover?

I’ve got three pieces of news for you, so settle down and settle in. Read more ›

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Omega 3 for vegans

I don’t know much about nutrition. I know why I’m fat, but that’s about it.

There are vegans who will tell you about food combining, daily intake requirements and even how many bananas to eat per day. I give you beer and fried things and expect you will look after the essential nutrients part yourself.

I’m breaking with this tradition to let you know that Sainsbury’s have started selling omega 3 tablets that are suitable for vegans. Hopefully somebody more in-the-know than I will jump into the comments to explain what benefits vegans can obtain from consuming these tablets containing linseed oil. I have a flimsy understanding that the essential fatty acid contained within the oil can help protect your heart and lower cholesterol levels.

The above statement is in no way based on scientific knowledge or understanding.

omega 3

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Champion desserts

Veg Bar in Brixton is already known for lovely savoury dishes, but now the South London cafe/restaurant/watering hole is branching out into the world of gourmet vegan desserts.

Check out the stunning treats the kitchen surprised me with during Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegan Brunch yesterday.  Read more ›

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Edinburgh vegan

You can’t stop this runaway vegan train.

Henderson’s Bistro of Edinburgh posted the following on their Facebook page yesterday: Read more ›

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Compassionate feast

This is not a vegan meal you will be able to get your hands on, unless I can talk my mother-in-law into staging a supper club with me.

We recently celebrated both Josh and his sister Sophia completing their university degrees, so that meant a jumbo vegan meal with the family to mark the occasion.

Check out the glorious Middle Eastern inspired meal Sara prepared for our party. Don’t drool! Read more ›

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Never enough pizza

I popped into vegan boutique Vx in King’s Cross today and was delighted to see them now selling gorgeous calzone and pizza by FED By Water.
This mini pizza was the perfect mid-afternoon snack for one.

Don’t know what all the fuss is about FED By Water? Click here to read a guest review of the Italian food specialists and their impressive vegan menu.

Follow Vx on Twitter

Follow FED By Water on Twitter

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Dairy milk in vegan venue

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joe panel

One of the great things about Berlin is that there seems to be so many new vegan places to visit, it’s difficult to keep up!

A visit by my sister last weekend was the perfect opportunity to try somewhere we hadn’t been before, so we took a break from sightseeing and let the U-Bahn take us away from the tourist hordes, down to Neukölln, where there’s a new vegan tapas bar called Alaska. (I neglected to ask about the bizarre name, perhaps that particular US state is noted for its Spanish cuisine?)

It’s a really lovely place, a real oasis on a rather run-down street. Nicely decorated and comfortable, with a pleasant atmosphere, prompt service and very friendly multilingual staff. Read more ›

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Tasty new puffed quinoa bar

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josh panel

Just a very quick post to tell you about a new bar I discovered in Holland & Barrett today. Made by NatureCrops in the Netherlands, this bar features puffed quinoa with rice syrup which gives a lovely soft and chewy consistency.

Are these new? I hadn’t noticed them before. The bars come in four flavours (one of which isn’t vegan) and I chose the dark chocolate and almond flavour. It was delicious and perfect for a mid-afternoon snack. These will no-doubt become standard inclusions for future road trips and plane journeys.


Nature Crops quinoa bar


Dark chocolate and almond flavour… delicious!

Visit the NatureCrops website here

Like NatureCrops on Facebook here

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