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As you know, my mates Joe and Jess relentlessly taunt me with photos of their vegan conquests in Berlin.

All the pics they send over get me hot and bothered but I must admit this latest treat takes the cake. Check it out below. Read more ›

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Drunk eating

During my recent trip to Manchester, I found myself staggering around the city centre after a few too many vegan beers in need of late night snacks. Thankfully a 24 hour shop had something to fill the void.

The late night/early morning convenience store on Piccadilly Gardens carried the Forest Foods range of products, a range with a surprising number of vegan options. I can’t say the items I picked up were incredible or even above average but they certainly sent my tummy to bed with more than just a few litres of beer in it.

Check out the photo I took of my goods below. Not the best photo, but a drunk FGV stumbling around a Travelodge at 1am will never do much better. Read more ›

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The big one

You know we are only a week away from one of the biggest (the biggest?) vegan events anywhere, right? Approximately ten thousand vegans, vegan friendlies and curious carnivores will descend upon London Olympia for VegfestUK on September 27 and 28, 2014

This show is the result of the tireless dedication shown by organiser Tim Barford who is a rare breed in the vegan community. He works himself ragged getting these monumental shows together and reaches countless people every year with a compassionate message. His shows have been staged for over ten years and he rallies against adversity and financial hardship to put together events packed with information, education, entertainment and food.


It would be wonderful to see how many non-human animals have been saved directly by the influence of these shows. I would imagine the number would be emotionally overwhelming.

Following are some reasons I think you will love this year’s event at London Olympia:

  • it is a fab place to take non-vegans so they can see what it’s all about in a friendly and fun environment
  • there is SO much tasty vegan food
  • meet the people behind some of your favourite vegan brands (and thank them for their hard work)
  • it is wonderful to be in a building with THOUSANDS of other vegans
  • meet inspiring vegans from the worlds of sport, education, activism and entertainment
  • grab some show day deals and specials on your favourite vegan brands
  • get inspired to take action by signing up with organisations fighting for animals

You can buy tickets online now and download the programme here. Make sure you follow VegfestUK on Twitter and don’t forget to give Tim a shout out online to thank him for his dedication to improving outcomes for animals.


vegana bottom ad


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Vegan venture

There are some fabulously exciting things happening for vegans in London and most of them are pop up ventures. What’s behind this drive to sell food in temporary locations?

London is surely one of the most expensive cities in the world for real estate. It was announced this week that the average house price in London is £514 000 while the average house price in central London is £1.6 million. The increase in property prices in London over the past year has been at a rate of 19%. This is staggering.

The cost of renting commercial space in Camden Stables Market is upwards of £1000 a week. You can see why vegan start ups can only afford to run temporary events and pop ups are the new trend of getting food to the masses. Vegan businesses cannot get permanent premises unless they have a hell of a lot of money behind them.

Get up and get out of the house this weekend and support a vegan pop up venture. Show the people making cruelty free food for the masses that you care.

You might very well start with the brand new Club Mexicana pop up in east London. The taco masters have set up temporary shop in The Convenience, an inventive and quirky cafe near Chatsworth Road with a roof terrace for dining.

The Club Mexicana pop up runs from 6pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and from 4pm on Sundays. See the current menu below but be warned it will be rotating so not everything will be available every night. Rumour has it they are working on a Mexican seitan burger and that chocodilla on the menu sounds fabulous.

The pop up will run until October 12. Follow Club Mexicana on Twitter. Read more ›

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Vegan for miles

Just over a week ago I visited the Specialty & Fine Food Fair held in London Olympia and I am now only getting around to sharing photos of some of the fabulous vegan products I encountered.

I have included social media links for each company, so please feel free to reach out to them and let them know how keen you are to see their products in stores. Some of the products are even available to order online so make sure you do some investigating.

Here we go. Read more ›

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Can’t even

As the title says, I just can’t.

Before you read any further, get your credit card ready and make sure there are no obstacles between you and your phone. You will need to do these things in order to be safe as you RUSH MADLY to place an order for THIS AMAZING PRODUCT. Read more ›

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Chocolate biscuit spread update

Don’t put a jar of chocolate biscuit spread in front of a vegan, tell them it’s vegan and then tell them it isn’t vegan. We will cut you.

Ever since I posted this story about a supposedly vegan bourbon biscuit spread sold by Tesco, my social media has been blowing up with folks telling me they had been informed by the chain that it contained non-vegan ingredients. I decided to dedicate a couple of hours of my life to finding out the truth.

Here is what I was told via a phone message left by a Tesco customer service operator: Read more ›

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Milk in Marks and Spencers

Have you seen the range of vegan milks now available in Marks & Spencer stores all around the country?

I recently spotted the ‘Made Without Dairy’ packaging in the M&S on Chiswick High Road and was happy to see not just soya but also oat, rice and coconut varieties.

Check them out below. Read more ›

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Cake liberation front

If you have been following me on Instagram and Twitter these past few days, you would have seen I have been eating everything vegan I could get my hands on in Manchester.

One thing related to veganism that I didn’t eat was this very interesting poster hanging on the notice board of V Revolution.

Read more ›

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Begging for votes

If you visit my blog even occasionally, you will be aware I have been nominated in the Best Vegan Blog category in the VegfestUK Awards 2014.

The voting closes on Monday September 15th, 2014 and since I am posting this blog late at night on the 14th, you probably have only a few hours left to vote.

Here are some reasons I think my blog is worth voting for:

  • I have dedicated countless hours to creating content for this blog since 2010
  • My blog shares information with people all over the country and planet
  • I work hard to let people know the latest vegan product and event information
  • My blog helps support new and long term vegans
  • The huge London Vegan Drinks and London Vegan Potluck sprung up out of this blog giving support to hundreds of vegans
  • I give crucial exposure to independent vegan businesses

I would be thrilled and honoured to win the Best Vegan Blog award.

You can click here to vote now. Please share this post widely.

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