Longest for vegan

Which food stall had the longest line in Hammersmith today?

The meat free one, of course. Longest line by about twenty people.

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Delicious vegan chocolate

It’s a tough life as a fat, gay vegan. There are so many people wanting to send me vegan chocolate to sample, it’s a tiresome chore.

When Essy & Bella asked if I would take some of their gourmet, handcrafted vegan chocolate to try, I reluctantly agreed. I’m such a selfless person.

Want the quick, time-saving review? Buy Essy & Bella if you enjoy delicious things going into your mouth.

Now for the part where I go on for a little while.

The sunflower seed & sea salt and peppermint & cacao varieties are irresistible. Made with rice powder, they are a milk free version of a milk chocolate.

The peppermint & cacao was my favourite and I would buy it in a heartbeat. It truly was one of those moments where you open a packet and you can’t stop eating.

I don’t think you will currently find Essy & Bella in shops around the country, but fortunately for you the entire range of vegan chocolate bars is available to buy via their website.

Click here to check out all the flavours, including the ridiculously delicious sounding lime and sea salt. I need that so badly.

You can also follow Essy & Bella on Twitter.

Extra note: Essy & Bella are located in Newcastle where vegan stuff is going wild including this restaurant, this vegan cheese company and even the Vegan Roadshow.

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Burger with a view

I’m about to break the vegan Internet.

London. Rejoice.

You can buy one of the nicest vegan burgers in the UK and consume it in one of the most glorious settings in London. This is happening right now in the capital and it is fabulous.

What the heck am I babbling on about? Check out this vegan burger.

20150406_180034Yep. That is a handmade burger patty in bread with cashew cheese and beetroot slices, served next to a bundle of crunchy fries. I can’t even.

This burger was one of the best meals I’ve enjoyed in London. I bet you wanna know where I got it, right? Read more ›

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Chocolate recall

Hotel Chocolat in the UK have actioned a recall of their ‘milk free milk’ products. Here is the main statement from the company as posted on their website:

Clarification on the dietary status of ‘Milk Free Milk’

We are very sorry that we haven’t made it clear enough who can eat our Milk-Free Milk and who can’t. We did take advice (including labelling advice from Trading Standards) before we launched it, but the fact that some misunderstanding exists shows us that we were not clear enough. Please have a look at our comprehensive Q&A. Thanks to dietary groups who have made contact and offered advice, which we are using.

The full Q&A statement about the recall can be seen here.

It is that old argument about calling something dairy free when there is a small possibility of trace elements of milk proteins due to dairy being used in the same factory.

Of course this could be problematic for people with allergies, but Hotel Chocolat want vegans to know there are no dairy ingredients added to this milk free range.

How do you feel about the ‘may contain traces’ labelling? Does it stop you from buying a product?

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Well fed

My pal Liam got in touch to ask if I would like to hear his views on Fed by Water. I recently featured news of their extensive vegan offerings but haven’t had a chance to get over to Dalston to try for myself.

Thankfully, Liam loves food as much as I do. Maybe even more.

Take it away, Liam. Read more ›

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Vegan Roadshow

Roll up. Roll up. Fat Gay Vegan is hitting the road this summer.

I am thrilled to announce my first ever Vegan Roadshow, a collaboration between musicians, activists, food providers, music venues and me… but we all need your support to make it happen.

The idea is simple.  Read more ›

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New vegan ice cream

Do you come here often?

If the answer is yes, you will be familiar with my recurring post category known as Vegan Ice Cream Wars. This is the part of my blog were I risk life and limb to bring you the very best from the frozen dessert frontline.

Put on your standard issue boots. We are going back into battle as stunning vegan ice cream The Nude Spoon launches in central London tomorrow. Read more ›

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New vegan cheese in UK!

Nothing gets a plant-based motor running quite like news of new vegan cheese.

Buckle up, kids. This is a good one.

Probably the food highlight of Vegfest Brighton, Tyne Chease is a product range that is long overdue in the UK. This brand new company selling handmade vegan cheese is set to explode on the food scene following their official launch in May.

Tyne Chease, as the name would suggest, originates in the northeast of England. Varieties sold at Vegfest included Garlic & Herb, Aged Cashew, Original, Mustard & Ale and Smoked Paprika. People all over the show were raving about these vegan cheeses.

See our Garlic & Herb cheese wheel below. We showed little restraint once this had the first wedge carved from it. Read more ›

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This is it

Stick a fork in London Vegan Potluck. It’s done.

There has never been a vegan community event like London Vegan Potluck and it will be a long time until we see the likes of it again, if ever. It stands unrivalled.

final potluckAt its height, more than 100 people were filling our central London location with a wide range of plant-based dishes every month. We started with just 20 people back in May 2011 in Brixton and we are finishing with a bang in May 2015 in Holborn. Read more ›

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Vegan beer article

The brand new issue of Vegan Life magazine features an impressive story about vegan beer. As a lover of compassionate drinking, of course I pushed my snout into the article with my views on drinking kindly.

veganlife issue 4What is not fab is the more-than-unfortunate subheading for the story on the magazine cover. Drink up, lads? Really? I’m not going to try and explain why this is problematic. You get it, right?

The publishers have been grilled on social media about the blatant sexism and rightly so, with the author of the article even expressing his disappointment with the choice of words.

If you can get past that gruesome mistake, Oliver Coningham has compiled a nifty introduction to vegan beer and I want to thank him for including London Vegan Beer Fest in his article.

You can check out Vegan Life online.

Read more about London Vegan Beer Fest 2015 here.

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