Learn to be vegan

We all know The Vegan Grindhouse make irresistible comfort food, but did you know they will also teach the unfamiliar how to eat and think like a vegan?

I love the idea of this class. Check it out below! Read more ›

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Cakes ‘n’ treats closed

Cakes ‘n’ Treats, the Camden-based vegan bakery that has been the subject of an ongoing anti-fascist campaign, has shut its doors.

According to a post on the company’s Facebook page, the store has permanently closed but the owner will return after winter to open the business in a new, undisclosed location somewhere in London.



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One of my favourite cities on the planet (and number 2 on my top ten list of global vegan cities) is the incomparable New York City.

NYC is like no place else.

I am gearing up for a brief return next month and I need your help. Please hit the comments section to let me know your top tips for being a happy vegan in New York.

I will of course be dining out at my favourites Red Bamboo and Cinnamon Snail, but I need some new experiences of the plant-based variety during my Big Apple stay.

Tell me what to eat!

donut NYC

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Cheap sweets

I am going to tell you two things in this blog post.

  1. You can buy the big tubs of Goody Good Stuff Christmas gummy sweets for just £1 at Whole Foods Market in Fulham. I am not sure if other branches around the UK are offering this deal. Perhaps someone will comment if they have seen it elsewhere. You will probably never see these vegan sweets at this price anywhere else.

goody good stuff2. An activist organisation called Direct Action Everywhere held protests at Whole Foods Market stores all over the USA a few days ago to raise awareness of animal suffering they allege is taking place on farms supplying the retail giant.

I am a bit confused about the campaign message presented by Direct Action Everywhere. Yes, Whole Foods Market is directly responsible for the death of countless animals but I don’t know what the activists are asking people to do. This action seemed to be about the mislabelling of eggs as humane when Direct Action Everywhere have presented footage they say shows horrendous conditions for birds in farms supplying the chain.

Are they asking Whole Foods to keep better watch of their suppliers or are they asking consumers not to eat animals? I love seeing compassionate people rise up in unison but I wish the message here was clearer and more well-defined.

You can watch a Direct Action Everywhere video about the egg production facilities here. Maybe you will get a clearer idea of the direction of the campaign than I could. The video contains horrifying footage of animal suffering but it is very muddled in its message.

I hope Direct Action Everywhere can tighten up their campaigns and of course I hope activists can convince Whole Foods Market to take animal products out of their stores.

Photo via here

Photo via here

That’s your Whole Foods Market news for today.

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Raw feast

Funky Gourmet is a new vegan food endeavour that you might want to take notice of if you were a fan of Saf.

Fatih Guven (head chef and founder of Funky Gourmet catering) used to work as head chef in Saf at Zerwick in Munich as well as Saf Shoreditch and Saf Kensington in London. Fatih now works as a personal and private chef, preparing meals for clients according to their special nutritional requirements. He caters for events, weddings and birthdays.

This is all sounds wonderful but what if you aren’t getting married anytime soon? Can you still get some of the good stuff?

You bet.

Faith is running an incredible-sounding event for just one night in west London. Check out this menu! Read more ›

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I am a sucker for pro-vegan product labelling and it doesn’t come grander than this carton of Oatly milk.

I didn’t need milk. I bought it anyway. How could I not buy it?

This is one of the most fabulous things I have ever seen printed on the side of a product. There is so much minimising of veganism by food producers for fear of scaring away possible customers, but not by Oatly!

News flash, people. It is 2015 and the general public know, understand and are even beginning to like what the word ‘vegan’ means.

Vegan pride.

BTW: This photo originally appeared on my Instagram feed.



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Top 10 vegan cities

I am never shy about giving my opinion on something, but I don’t think I have ever given a top ten list in the past.

So without further delay, I present FGV’s Top Ten Vegan Cities. Read more ›

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Vx shopping haul

Every now and then a shopping expedition to vegan boutique and grocery store, Vx, is in order.

I love walking into a shop safe in the knowledge I can buy anything I want.

Wanna see the latest haul of vegan groceries that found their way back to my house from Vx yesterday? Read more ›

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The Baroness, Swagatha and Soy George

If you follow me on social media, you will be well aware of the launch party I have been planning for Queer Vegan Disco this Saturday (10/1/15).

queer vegan disco artistsIt is a new monthly dance party set for the second Saturday of every month. The music is set to be a mix of top 40, retro pop, indie, dance and alternative anthems.

The vegan bit? Read more ›

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All day vegan cooking class

Got a spare £150 burning a hole in your hemp trouser pocket?

Major grocery retailer Waitrose is offering a full day vegan cooking class with cook book author and blogger, Aine Carlin.

Check out the details below. Read more ›

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