Resurrection in Ramsbottom!

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Someone in the comments section on this blog recently alerted me to a 100% vegan restaurant and shop that opened in Ramsbottom last year. A few clicks later, I was scanning the enticing menu of Lolo’s Vegan and Raw Restaurant and Store.

Check it out below.

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Vegan via Emirates

My wonderful friend Mirel reached out to me to ask if I would like to share her vegan food experience from a recent Emirates flight.

I said, “Hell yeah. Show me the food!” and she did. See the photos below, read what she had to say about it all and then follow Mirel on Instagram for delicious vegan baking photos. Read more ›

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The History of Vegetarianism

Time to get your learned vegan outfit on.

My buddy Dr Ian McDonald has worked diligently for what feels like years on producing a radio series about the history of vegetarianism. Not strangely, the series is titled Vegetarianism: The Story So Far and the first episode has just this week been launched for your listening pleasure.

This first episode has the following synopsis:

In India in the middle of the first millennium BCE, the idea of “ahimsa” – non violence – emerges, with the vegetarian order of Jain monks and nuns as its torchbearers. Where did it come from? Ian goes to the intellectual hub of iron age India, the Kingdom of Maghada, to find out.

Lock yourself away, close all your Chrome tabs and treat yourself to a professionally made and incredibly informative 30 minutes of radio by pressing play.

Congratulations, Ian! I’m looking forward to future episodes in the series.

Please click here for Episode 1 of Vegetarianism: The Story So Far if it fails to play above.

Follow Ian’s radio show The Vegan Option on Twitter and Facebook.

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Get loved up

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I recently saw a post in the Manchester Vegetarian and Vegan Group on Facebook about vegan pizza and even though I’m thousands of miles away from Manchester, curiosity got the better of me and I was delighted to learn about the existence of a 100% vegan cafe/juice bar in the Manchester suburb of Chorlton. Read more ›

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Pie Baby is back!

If you like vegan pies and beer, you had better move super fast. The last time Pie Baby put on a spread, the tickets scuttled out the door in no time at all.

Check out the details for this tasty London event. Read more ›

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Vegan BA meal in flight

If you come around these parts of the Internet often, you will know that I enjoy showing you the vegan food I am served by airlines in my column called Food in the air.

This latest post highlights the two meals I was served during my recent British Airways flight between London and Mexico City.

As you will see from the photos below, one meal was the standard meal handed out to vegans while the other was close to non-existent. Read more ›

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Donuts are life

Facebook can be a tiresome place to hangout.

If you spend a lot of time on the social network, it can feel like you are learning a whole lot of information you really don’t want to know. My friends’ reaction to the latest Star Wars film nearly made me jump ship.

But occasionally the good ol’ FB gives us some truly valuable information. Specifically, where we can buy and eat gorgeous vegan donuts like these.


I saw the above photo posted on Facebook, so I wasted no time in reaching out to the poster to find out more info.

Lisa got back to me super quick with A LOT of details on what she is up to donut-wise. Scotland, you are in luck. Read more ›

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Feeling Hungary

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By now you’ve probably all read about how much FGV enjoyed the Napfényes chain of restaurants when we were in Budapest recently. I wholeheartedly agree that it was probably the tastiest food I’ve been served in Europe. However, I wanted to try some of the other vegan food in Budapest so I dragged a reluctant FGV along to Kozmosz one morning to see if Napfényes could be improved upon…  Read more ›

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Cute cats and Mexican food

What’s not to love about Gatorta in Mexico City?

They give you delicious vegan versions of classic Mexican street food and serve it from a pop up stand featuring the cutest cartoon cat I’ve seen in a long while.

Check it out. Read more ›

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Only UK vegan pizzeria

Have you made an effort to visit the only 100% vegan pizza restaurant in the UK?

Photos are starting to flow out of Purezza in Brighton and they are making me feel kinda sad that I’m on the other side of the world. I wonder if they deliver to Mexico?

The restaurant offers a huge range of about 20 pizzas and the menu includes such delicacies as four cheese pizza and chocolate calzone.

Keep scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’ to see some of the good stuff. Read more ›

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