Yorkshire in June

Here is a super quick reminder.

You can start making plans to visit The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival in Leeds on June 13, 2015.

This event is run completely by volunteers in order to raise money for animal charities. You got a problem with that? No, didn’t think so!

You can visit the event website here and let them know you are coming along over on the Facebook event.


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They had my vegan meal for me on my shared British Airways/American Airlines flight from London Heathrow to Los Angeles. Yep, they had it for me alright.

The problem was it just wan’t very exciting. My latest vegan airline meal was in fact so dull, I’ve spruced up this blog post about it by including photos I took of Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean on my inflight entertainment screen.

See the dreary food and fabulous Hollywood stars below. Read more ›

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Vegan cheesecake

I’m in LA.

I bought the following vegan product.
I’m now happier than I was before.

The end.

Extra note: Daiya cheesecakes are also available in Key Lime, Chocolate and Strawberry.

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Nottingham, here I come!

Vegan Roadshow is gearing up to be an exciting journey around the UK for a merry band of travellers.

This July, I am hitting the road with Australian vegan band Love Like Hate and activist group Animal Equality for a series of events around the country. We have dates scheduled in London, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow and Oxford, plus we are adding new dates over the coming weeks.

Like this one in Nottingham!

roadshow indiegogo

I am thrilled to be teaming up with legendary vegan trailblazers Veggies Catering Campaigns for the July 21, 2015 stop of the tour at the Sumac Centre.

Veggies are pioneers in the UK. They have spent decades educating people on vegan issues through compassionate catering. You will be hard pushed to find a more ethical undertaking than this food, activist and education enterprise. Read about all the levels of their awesomeness here.

So what is going to happen at the Nottingham stop of the tour?

Love Like Hate will be performing a special semi-acoustic live show, Veggies will be selling their tasty vegan treats, Animal Equality will be spreading news of their outreach work and selling merchandise while I will be chatting to anyone who will listen.

The Nottingham stop of Vegan Roadshow is a powerhouse collaboration between some of the busiest names in vegan UK. Support independent vegan musicians. Support vegan caterers. Learn and share information. Be there!

Click here to donate via the Vegan Roadshow Indiegogo campaign and claim your Nottingham ticket.

Follow Veggies on Twitter

Like Veggies on Facebook

RSVP to the Nottingham Vegan Roadshow Facebook event and invite friends

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Weekend eating

Check this out.

IMG_0099Looks tasty, right? Keep reading to find out from where it came. Read more ›

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Vegan cola

Remember when I posted a story about juice not being vegan in some instances?

The story is one of the most read ever on my blog and it opened a whole can of vegan gummy worms. Readers started sharing knowledge that many colas and sodas were also not vegan due to the use of animal-derived ingredients. You can read the original post here.

Finding a vegan cola can be a minefield for soft drink lovers, but the good news is a UK supermarket chain has its own brand of colas all labelled vegan.

Check it out. Read more ›

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Vegan job available

Oh my. If I didn’t already have a job as the resident FGV, I would be all over this opportunity.

Do you know about Dr Hadwen Trust?

This charity is on a mission to find compassionate alternatives to animal-based research and prove that non-animal medical research is the future. Dr Hadwen Trust is the leading UK group in this crucial field and work hard to ‘fund new research committed to advancing biomedical science without the use of animals.’

You can find out more about Dr Hadwen Trust (and support their work) here.

But what’s this of a cool vegan job I mentioned? Read more ›

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Best melting cheese?

Vegans are always on a mission to find the cheese with best melting qualities.

Is Violife the gold star winner in the UK?

Check out this sandwich I recently devoured. The Violife cheese was actually oozing out the sides as it melted. Is this the most meltable vegan cheese in the UK right now? Or do you have a preferred brand for when you need melted cheese in your life?

Answers below!
This photo originally appeared on my Instagram account.

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Bake with FGV

One of my favourite events I’ve hosted was a collaboration with Le Pain Quotidien. The restaurant chain asked me to join them for a fabulous cooking class in their Borough location a few months ago and it was a dream event. Fantastic food, friendly people and some expert food preparation knowledge shared.

I had such a wonderful time so of course I jumped at their offer of being part of another vegan cooking class, this time at my local LPQ in Chiswick.

DSC_0722 DSC_0733

Read more ›

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Vodka in food

I love eating and I love drinking booze, so why not combine the two?

I wanted to make something special for the final London Vegan Potluck this week. Four years is a long time for a community event and I felt a supreme effort for my last supper was in order.

The starting point for my Drunk Seitan was this recipe by Vanessa at Essential Vegan. It is completely hassle-free and I get perfect results every single time.

Vanessa’s recipe calls for lemon juice which I switched out for yellow mustard in a moment of inspiration, but the vodka sauce was the thing to seal the deal.
Here is how I made the sauce: Read more ›

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