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New vegan ice cream hotspot for London

Copperhouse Chocolate, London’s only vegan chocolate shop and cafe, has launched a new vegan ice cream range in its Chapel Market cafe in the heart of Islington.

Juliet Sampson, owner of Copperhouse, already had the idea to create her own delicious vegan ice cream and lockdown provided the perfect opportunity to experiment after their usual supplier moved out of London.

They currently sell six flavours that are all made with organic coconut milk as the base and of course contain their famous house blend hot chocolates. Favourites include Raspberry Chocolate (using Copperhouse Chocolate Raspberry Dream hot chocolate with a homemade raspberry swirl), Mint with brownie chips (with fresh mint and crumblings of homemade vegan brownies), and Coffee caramel (a delicious combination of Monmouth coffee and salted caramel swirl).

All the ice creams are made using organic ingredients and are 100% vegan. They are available as scoops priced at £2.50, oat milkshakes £4.90, cookie ice cream sandwiches with a choice of peanut butter and choc chip homemade cookies £5.50 and the decadent Hot Chocolate affogato using their delicious range of homemade hot chocolates £4.50.

The affogato is made with a lusciously extra thick hot chocolate using only the finest vegan milks, it is unlike any other vegan hot chocolate and is similar to Italian/Spanish hot chocolate but made to order. It can also be finished with decadent whipped coconut cream.

The ice cream is also available in a range of takeaway tubs that can be taken home for the freezer and are priced at £9 for a 450g tub – perfect for a delicious ice cream treat this summer.

Copperhouse Chocolate is proud of their single-origin hot chocolates from Colombia, Madagascar and Ecuador which each having their own distinct tastes.

The cafe also hosts a Chocolate Happy House every Friday for between 3-4pm where customers can get a free cookie with every coffee or hot chocolate purchased.

Located just moments away from Angel tube station, Copperhouse Chocolate promises a welcoming cosy space to relax with a comforting cup of proper hot chocolate, delicious ice creams, and vegan food all the while offering a home for community groups, meetups, and gatherings to connect in London.

See the exact location of Copperhouse Chocolate thanks to Google Maps.

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