Vegan things I was given for free this week

PR gifts flowed through my front door this past week and I wanted to share them with you all.

Maybe there is something you like the look of in the selection below?

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Also, be sure to scroll through the posts to see all the photos included.

I was sent a few bags of granola and some granola bars from Keto Hana. I really don’t know what the keto food trend is about, but I do like granola!

Super fancy London restaurant Pied a Terre sent me their vegan feast for two box. It wasn’t exactly the five star experience I was expecting but it was tasty, especially the French onion soup.

The Cornish Sea Salt Co made my week with these gorgeous tubs. I’m very excited about the garlic while Gil has his eye on the chilli salt.

Planthood send vegan meals around the UK and I found this gift of three meals for two people to be pretty impressive.

Easy to follow instructions are included.

The Vurger Co carried on the trend of sending out DIY meal kits. This burger and fries for two was tasty, but a little on the strange side.

I got more lettuce than I needed and the fries needed cooking in a fryer, which I don’t have. Everything was tasty, though.

Anything in this week’s list catch your attention?

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