Vegan Christmas hamper from London independents

Wanna put your money where your plant-eating mouth is and support independent business before this disastrous year comes to a close?

Mooshies London has launched a hamper filled with gorgeous vegan items and you can buy it for yourself, a friend, or an enemy. Hey, I don’t know how you get your kicks!

Each company involved in building the hamper is paid retail price for their item, so your money is directly helping these independent companies after what can be best described as an extremely tough year.

Launched from the Mooshies shop on Brick Lane, the hamper can be delivered nationwide. The hamper can currently be ordered via the Mooshies website with delivery scheduled for December 16 and 17, 2020.

Companies and products involved include:

Breakfast pot by @bexfast_
Jackfruit wings by @biffs_uk
Vegan chocolate by @darksugars
Kimchi by @eatchayclub
Cranberry cheese by @kindaco
Pesto sauce by @pickywops
Mochi balls by @vegan_yes
Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix by @vidabakery
Pick ‘N’ Mix by @sweetlifeldn @plantpoweredprince
Set of 5 sauces @mooshieslondon
Pick ‘N’ Mix by @mooshieslondon

Each company is a small independent business and local to Mooshies.

Instead of buying the products at cost price, Mooshies is purchasing them at retail to give each company a sale via their hamper. Mooshies takes no profit and does all the labor and dispatching themselves. It’s a way to keep all the small businesses in people’s mind while supporting each of these amazing companies.

Do it. Buy one!

The hamper can be bought via the Mooshies online shop at

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