Toyota and Lexus helping drivers eat vegan

This is super interesting and kinda huge news.

HappyCow is thrilled to announce that Toyota and Lexus are making vegan-options easier to find.

Huh? Big name car manufacturers and plant-based eating don’t go together, do they?

Toyota Connected North America has integrated HappyCow’s guide to vegan and vegan-friendly eating into the Destination Assist feature on select 2020 and newer Toyota and Lexus models.

USA-based Toyota and Lexus Destination Assist subscribers will now benefit from HappyCow’s dining guide by pressing the ‘Destination Button’ from the navigation menu.

When speaking with an agent, they simply mention that they’re looking for a vegan or vegetarian restaurant and HappyCow will be used to direct them to nearby vegan and vegan-friendly options.

If you are drawing a blank when reading the name HappyCow, let me fill you in.

HappyCow is the leading vegan guide on the planet. The user-driven platform helps vegan and vegan-curious people location cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, stores, salons, bakeries, markets, and bars that offer vegan and vegetarian goods and services.

I’d love to hear from any Destination Assist users who have used the feature successfully. The rest of the world will need to wait patiently for it to be rolled out globally.

Visit HappyCow online and follow the guide on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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